asphalt paving cypress tx

Cypress, TX

Cypress, Texas

Cypress, an unincorporated community within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston, is home to more than 182,000 people. Businesses in Cypress often ask Marathon Solutions Group to provide pavement-related services, including parking lot maintenance, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping and pavement markings, asphalt crack repair, parking lot signage, concrete installation, asphalt milling, concrete repairs, asphalt resurfacing, thermoplastic pavement markings, and bollard installation.

Cypress, Texas

A Short History of Cypress

Although there is evidence of human occupation in the area that stretches back almost 10,000 years, the first European settlers were German immigrants who arrived during the 1840s. For more than a century, Cypress was a sleepy rural community. In the 1990s, the development of several planned communities in the area and the near-constant growth of Houston fueled an increase in population that has yet to reach its peak.

Services We Offer in Cypress

We provide services to clients in virtually all industries, including the retail, real estate, hospitality, health care, manufacturing, oil, transportation, and entertainment industries. We offer a full range of services for the construction, maintenance, and repair of concrete and asphalt pavements.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Cypress, TX: Although cracks can develop at any point in the life of an asphalt pavement, cracks should never be ignored. Damaged foundations can be especially costly to remediate, and the integrity of the foundation can often be preserved by being proactive about repairing cracks as they develop.
Asphalt Milling, Cypress, TX: Milling machines can reduce the depth of an asphalt pavement by a millimeter or two, or they can grind away the entire pavement to expose the foundation.
Asphalt Paving, Cypress, TX: A well-built asphalt pavement is visually appealing and economical to construct, and traffic can often be allowed to access the new pavement in as little as 24 hours.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Cypress, TX: Tearing out and rebuilding a worn-out pavement is not always your only option. Resurfacing is a cost-effective solution that can provide the appearance and functionality of a new pavement at a significantly lower cost.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Cypress, TX: Ensuring that your asphalt pavement receives periodic applications of sealcoating can help you maximize the life of the pavement. Sealcoating also improves the appearance of asphalt pavement.
Bollard Installation, Cypress, TX: An increasing number of businesses are installing bollards to protect structures, control traffic, mount signs, or provide architectural interest.
Concrete Installation, Cypress, TX: Concrete remains a popular choice for sidewalks, curbs, dumpster pads, and similar pavements.
Concrete Repairs, Cypress, TX: No pavement can last forever without incurring some type of damage. Prompt repairs can minimize the damage, enhance the pavement’s appearance, and reduce the chance that the damage could result in an injury to a cyclist or pedestrian.
Marking Removal, Cypress, TX: Over the years, many different materials have been developed for marking pavements. When the markings must be removed, it is important to match the removal method to the material to avoid damaging the pavement unnecessarily.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Cypress, TX: Parking lots can be expensive to build. An effective routine maintenance program can help you protect your investment to get the longest life possible from your asset.
Parking Lot Signage, Cypress, TX: Drivers and pedestrians need excellent signage to help them navigate your parking lot safely and efficiently. Whether the signs are optional or mandatory, they need to be securely affixed, clearly visible, and carefully placed.
Parking Lot Striping, Cypress, TX: No one likes finding a new dent in the door of their vehicle. Good parking lot striping can help ensure that drivers have adequate clearance between their vehicles and those in the adjoining spaces.
Parking Lot Restripe, Cypress, TX: Once parking lot markings and stripes fade or suffer significant damage, drivers often behave as if the parking lot was never marked. You may find vehicles parked at every conceivable angle, reducing the capacity of your parking lot and making it less safe.
Pavement Repair, Cypress, TX: No pavement can reach its full potential life without needing some repairs. Prompt, professional repairs can add years to your pavement’s life.
Thermoplastic Markings, Cypress, TX: In recent decades, thermoplastic pavement markings have become an increasingly popular alternative to standard paint. Thermoplastic offers enhanced reflectivity and greater durability.

As a full-service, experienced paving company, Marathon Solutions Group can provide you with any asphalt services in Cypress, TX above. We have earned our impeccable reputation by taking the time to understand every client’s specific needs and delivering results that will exceed their expectations. Call our Houston office at 800-879-1147 or fill out our online form to receive a free quote.

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asphalt paving in Baytown, Tx

Baytown, TX

Baytown, Texas

Located near the Buffalo Bayou and San Jacinto River outlets on Galveston Bay, Baytown is a thriving city with more than 77,000 residents. When they need asphalt paving, parking lot striping and pavement marking, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot signage, concrete installation or repair, asphalt resurfacing, or other pavement-related services, businesses in Baytown often turn to the professionals at Marathon Solutions Group for exceptional results at competitive rates.

Baytown, Texas

The History of Baytown

Early settlers began arriving in the Baytown area during the 1820s. One early resident, Nathaniel Lynch, established a ferry service at the junction of Buffalo Bayou and the San Jacinto River, and this service still operates as the Lynchburg Ferry. Originally, there were three separate towns in the area, but residents agreed to combine in 1947 and the city of Baytown was officially incorporated the following year. Since around 1916, the oil industry has been the major driver of the city’s economy.

What Are the Paving Services Offered in Baytown by Marathon Solutions Group?

As a full-service pavement construction and repair company, we routinely provide our services to municipal agencies, retailers, hotels, industrial facilities, shopping centers, office parks, apartment complexes, health care facilities, schools and universities, restaurants, homeowner associations, entertainment venues, and subdivisions. Listed below are some of our most-requested services.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Baytown, TX: Open cracks pose a serious danger to the integrity of asphalt pavements. Prompt, professional crack repairs can help you maximize your paving investment by prolonging your pavement’s life.
Asphalt Milling, Baytown, TX: Asphalt contractors can use milling machines to remove as little or as much of the pavement as the job requires.
Asphalt Paving, Baytown, TX: For speedy construction at an economical price, you cannot go wrong with a well-engineered and correctly built asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Baytown, TX: Resurfacing can give you the look and performance of a reconstructed pavement, but the cost will be substantially less.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Baytown, TX: Sealcoating is your first line of defense against an asphalt pavement that deteriorates prematurely from damage inflicted by UV radiation, petroleum-based fluids, and other causes.
Bollard Installation, Baytown, TX: Although bollards have been around for many centuries, architects and transportation experts are constantly finding new uses for the various models of bollards available today.
Concrete Installation, Baytown, TX: Sidewalks, dumpster pads, and curbs are often paved with concrete, and concrete can also be an excellent choice for pavements that will be subjected to a high volume of extremely heavy vehicles.
Concrete Repairs, Baytown, TX: Whether the damage is cosmetic or structural, professional repairs can make a world of difference.
Marking Removal, Baytown, TX: When it is necessary to remove pavement markings, it is important to use the right method to prevent unnecessary damage to the pavement.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Baytown, TX: Preventive maintenance can keep your parking lot protected and attractive.
Parking Lot Signage, Baytown, TX: The right signs can help you maintain order in your parking lot, comply with federal and local regulations, and reduce confusion and uncertainty for pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists.
Parking Lot Striping, Baytown, TX: Drivers will feel more comfortable about parking in your lot if there are visible, crisply striped spaces.
Parking Lot Restripe, Baytown, TX: Badly faded or damaged striping can be almost as bad as no striping at all.
Pavement Repair, Baytown, TX: Regardless of whether your pavement is concrete or asphalt, professional, timely repairs can prolong its life and eliminate potential safety hazards.
Thermoplastic Markings, Baytown, TX: Environmentally friendly, highly visible, and long-lasting thermoplastic markings offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional paints.

If you are looking for paving work in the Baytown, TX, at the highest quality at competitive prices, contact Marathon Solutions Group. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote, so call 1-800-879-1147 or complete the handy online form to request yours today.

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asphalt paving Kingwood, TX

Kingwood, TX

Kingwood was developed in the 1970s as a planned community. Located on approximately 14,000 acres about 30 miles northeast of Houston’s downtown district, Kingwood lies in a heavily forested area and incorporates nature preserves, walking trails, and numerous parks. Marathon Solutions Group offers a full range of paving services, including pavement repair, asphalt paving, concrete installation, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot maintenance, bollard installation, asphalt resurfacing, parking lot striping and pavement marking, asphalt crack repair, concrete repair, and thermoplastic markings, to customers in Kingwood.

The History of Kingwood

Kingwood was a joint venture between the King Ranch and the Friendswood Development Company, a subsidiary of Exxon. Most of the land on which Kingwood was built was purchased from the Foster family, who had owned the property since the 1890s. There are currently an estimated 65,000 people who reside within the defined borders of Kingwood.

The Services Marathon Solutions Group Offers in Kingwood

Churches, shopping centers, schools, recreational venues, village leaders, and restaurants in Kingwood can count on us for high-quality paving services at competitive rates. We offer a full range of services for both asphalt and concrete pavements.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Kingwood, TX: The timely repair of cracks is of the utmost importance if you want to avoid additional damage and ensure a longer life for your asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Milling, Kingwood, TX: Milling machines are as efficient as they are versatile. They can remove all layers of an asphalt pavement or be set to barely skim its surface.
Asphalt Paving, Kingwood, TX: Lower in cost and faster to install than concrete, asphalt can be an attractive, durable material for all types of pavements.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Kingwood, TX: Many aging pavements can be effectively and economically rejuvenated by the installation of a layer of asphalt over the existing pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Kingwood, TX: The two critical maintenance procedures for asphalt pavements are crack repair and sealcoating. Sealcoating helps protect against damage caused by vehicles as well as damage caused by oxidation, UV rays, and pollution.
Bollard Installation, Kingwood, TX: Properly installed bollards can add architectural interest or serve as safety and security measures.
Concrete Installation, Kingwood, TX: There are times when concrete is the best choice, but always make sure that your contractor will take the time to install it correctly.
Concrete Repairs, Kingwood, TX: Damaged concrete can present safety hazards and is unsightly. If ignored, the damage pattern will likely continue to expand.
Marking Removal, Kingwood, TX: When pavement markings must be removed, it is important to select a contractor who can perform the task efficiently and safely.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Kingwood, TX: A regular program of routine maintenance can help ensure a long life and attractive appearance for your parking lot.
Parking Lot Signage, Kingwood, TX: There are voluntary and mandatory signs for your parking lot, but all signage needs to be securely mounted, correctly positioned, and properly maintained.
Parking Lot Striping, Kingwood, TX: Defined parking spaces with clean, visible lines help you maintain order and safety in your parking lot.
Parking Lot Restripe, Kingwood, TX: Stripes and markings can become faded or damaged, negating their benefits. Periodic restriping can help you retain your parking lot’s safety and visual appeal.
Pavement Repair, Kingwood, TX: Professional repairs can help you obtain the longest life possible for your pavement and the best return on your investment.
Thermoplastic Markings, Kingwood, TX: For a longer life and better visibility, you might want to consider thermoplastic pavement markings instead of traditional paint.

As a full-service paving company, Marathon Solutions Group can provide each of the above services in Kingwood, TX. We are known for exceptional customer service and exemplary craftsmanship. If you would like a free quote with no strings attached, submit the online request form or call 800-879-1147.

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asphalt paving Humble, TX

Humble, TX

Humble, Texas

Although part of the Houston metropolitan area, Humble is a small town with approximately 16,000 residents. When businesses in Humble need a full-service paving contractor, they often ask Marathon Solutions Group to provide them with the services they need, including asphalt and concrete pavement repair, parking lot maintenance, asphalt sealcoating, concrete installation, asphalt milling and overlays, parking lot striping and marking, asphalt paving, thermoplastic markings, bollard installation, marking removal, and asphalt crack repair.

Humble, Texas

A Brief History of Humble

The first settlers began arriving in the area during the 1820s. One of these setters was named Pleasant Humble, and the town’s first post office was established in his home. By 1903, Humble had become a boomtown after oil was discovered nearby. Within two years, the Humble oil field was producing more oil than any other field in the state. The predecessor of Exxon, the Humble Oil & Refining Company, was established in 1911.

Marathon Solutions Group’s Services in Humble

Customers representing all types of businesses frequently turn to Marathon Solutions Group for paving work. Our client base includes hospitals and other health care facilities, shopping centers and shopping malls, restaurants, city and county governments, office parks, HOAs and subdivisions, apartment complexes, industrial facilities, retailers, churches, and schools. Following is a list of some of the services we offer in Humble.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Humble, TX: When you have an asphalt pavement, it is essential to repair significant breaks in the pavement to prevent water infiltration. Water can erode the foundation, resulting in widespread severe damage or the complete failure of the pavement.
Asphalt Milling, Humble, TX: Contractors use milling machines for a variety of tasks. Depending on the job and the machine chosen, milling can be a fast and economical way to remove a full depth of asphalt pavement, adjust drainage, or repair surface damage.
Asphalt Paving, Humble, TX: When you need an economical way to have a new pavement constructed quickly and ready to accept traffic almost immediately, asphalt is the right material.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Humble, TX: Many times, customers assume that the only remedy for a worn-out pavement is a total reconstruction. However, resurfacing could be a viable option that will save you money.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Humble, TX: When performed in conjunction with timely crack repairs, sealcoating can often double the useful life of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating should be reapplied about every two years to provide the best protection against damage.
Bollard Installation, Humble, TX: A bollard is a vertical post that can be used for mounting signs, protecting loading docks or buildings, or controlling traffic. There are also bollards that are used primarily for decoration.
Concrete Installation, Humble, TX: The history of concrete as a paving material is a long one. Concrete is a strong, durable paving material when installed correctly.
Concrete Repairs, Humble, TX: Despite its strength, concrete is not completely impervious to damage. Without repairs, the concrete could continue to deteriorate, but the damaged area could also pose potential dangers to those walking, riding, or driving on your pavement.
Marking Removal, Humble, TX: Many different types of materials can be used to apply markings, and those who want to remove them must know which of the several removal methods should be used for each material.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Humble, TX: Crack and pothole repairs, sealcoating, cleaning, and striping and pavement markings are a few examples of parking lot maintenance procedures. Effective maintenance can add years to the life of your parking lot and keep it looking its best.
Parking Lot Signage, Humble, TX: Signage can be mandatory, including signs denoting accessible parking spaces. Speed limit, no-parking, and stop signs are examples of optional signs that you might want to consider to enhance safety and order in your parking lot.
Parking Lot Striping, Humble, TX: Optimizing your area to provide parking for the greatest number of vehicles requires parking lot striping. Defined spaces help prevent drivers from parking haphazardly, taking more than their share of the available room, or inflicting damage on neighboring vehicles.
Parking Lot Restripe, Humble, TX: Unfortunately, parking lot striping does not last forever. If drivers cannot see the stripes easily, they will have more difficulty determining their vehicle’s position within the space.
Pavement Repair, Humble, TX: A long life for your pavement involves the timely repair of any damage it sustains. Furthermore, professional repairs contribute to the curb appeal and safety of your property.
Thermoplastic Markings, Humble, TX: Many different paints can be used for pavement markings, but none of them will last as long as thermoplastic markings.

Marathon Solutions Group is a full-service paving company serving Humble, TX with an exceptional reputation for high-quality work and outstanding customer service. You can ask for a free quote by calling 800-879-1147 or completing our online form.

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asphalt paving league city texas

League City, TX

League City, Texas

League City is the largest city in Galveston County and is the home of several resorts along its waterfront and harbor. Between 2000 and 2010, League City’s population grew from 45,444 to 83,560 and is currently estimated at more than 106,000. When businesses in League City need concrete installation, asphalt paving, parking lot maintenance, concrete and asphalt pavement repairs, parking lot striping and pavement markings, asphalt sealcoating, thermoplastic pavement markings, or any other pavement-related services, they know that they can rely on Marathon Solutions Group for exceptional results at highly competitive prices.

League City, Texas

A Brief History of League City

The modern history of League City began with the arrival of the Butler, Perkins, and Cowart families during the 1850s. The Butlers were the first family to settle on the land that would become the original townsite. This land was later purchased by J.C. League, who platted the town named in his honor along the existing route of the Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad. Many of the live oak trees in League City were planted in 1907 after League arranged for two railroad flatcars of these trees to be left by the tracks for residents.

What Paving Services Can Marathon Solutions Group Provide in League City?

At Marathon Solutions Group, we work for a diverse group of clients, including municipalities and counties, major retailers, health care facilities, transportation and logistics centers, restaurants, universities and schools, industrial facilities, and commercial property management firms. We offer a complete range of paving services in League City.

Asphalt Crack Repair, League City, TX: If left unrepaired, virtually all cracks will continue to grow. Water that enters through open breaks in the pavement can cause widespread foundation damage that is typically expensive to repair.
Asphalt Milling, League City, TX: Whether you want to apply an asphalt overlay, make slight adjustments to improve drainage, remove the entire pavement, or make surface repairs, milling can be a cost-effective method of handling a variety of tasks.
Asphalt Paving, League City, TX: Economical to install and fast to put into use, asphalt pavements have become more popular with each passing decade.
Asphalt Resurfacing, League City, TX: Resurfacing, which involves the application of a new layer of asphalt on top of an existing pavement, can be an economical way to get many more years of service from an old pavement. Although the overlay will be similar to a completely reconstructed pavement in terms of life and appearance, the cost will be substantially less.
Asphalt Sealcoating, League City, TX: Periodic reapplications of sealcoating can dramatically extend the life of your pavement by protecting it from the sun, automotive fluids, and other potential dangers.
Bollard Installation, League City, TX: Whether the goal is security, safety, sign installation, aesthetics, or traffic control, there are bollards specifically designed for each task.
Concrete Installation, League City, TX: When installed by a knowledgeable, conscientious contractor, concrete pavement can last for decades and withstand a surprising amount of abuse.
Concrete Repairs, League City, TX: From sidewalks and curbs to streets and parking lots, we can repair concrete pavements to prolong their life, eliminate safety hazards, and enhance their appearance.
Marking Removal, League City, TX: Removing pavement markings safely and effectively requires a professional who knows how to match the removal method to the material used for the markings. Unskilled amateurs can inadvertently damage the pavement when attempting to remove markings.
Parking Lot Maintenance, League City, TX: Professionally administered maintenance procedures can help keep your parking lot looking its best while prolonging its life.
Parking Lot Signage, League City, TX: You should have a specific plan for your parking lot signage that covers which signs should be used and where they should be placed. The plan should include mandatory and optional signage.
Parking Lot Striping, League City, TX: If you want a safe, orderly parking lot, you need clean, visible striping to define the spaces.
Parking Lot Restripe, League City, TX: Most parking lots in League City need to be restriped about every 18 months.
Pavement Repair, League City, TX: No pavement will reach its full life expectancy without timely repairs. In addition, some types of pavement damage can pose hazards to cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.
Thermoplastic Markings, League City, TX: Although a bit more expensive than painted markings, thermoplastic pavement markings frequently last more than twice as long.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above paving services in the League City, TX area, contact the experts at Marathon Solutions Group. We are dedicated to delivering work that is of the highest quality at affordable prices. For a free quote, call our Houston office at 800-879-1147 or fill out the online proposal request.

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asphalt paving league city texas

Pearland, TX

Pearland, Texas

Pearland covers more than 48 square miles and takes up parts of Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris counties. The city is approximately 16 miles south of Houston’s downtown district. Marathon Solutions Group often provides companies in Pearland with pavement-related services, including parking lot maintenance, asphalt paving, concrete installation, pavement repair, parking lot striping and signage, asphalt milling, bollard installation, asphalt sealcoating, and concrete repairs.

Pearland, Texas

The History of Pearland

Pearland, which was originally named Mark Belt, began as an agricultural community near a railroad siding switch in the 1880s. Pear trees were plentiful in the area, so when the plat of the town was filed in 1894, the city’s current name was chosen. Hurricanes in 1900 and 1915 destroyed many fruit trees and led to a period of desertification. In 1918, just when farming was beginning to rebound, a devastating freeze dealt yet another blow to agriculture. The opening of the nearby Marvel and Hastings oil fields during the 1930s did little for Pearland’s growth. By 1960, the population of Pearland was still short of 1,500, and growth continued to be modest for the rest of the 20th century. However, since 2000, the population has exploded, increasing from 37,640 people in 2000 to 91,252 in 2010. As of 2018, the population of Pearland is estimated at 122,149.

What Paving Services Are Offered by Marathon Solutions Group?

Our customers include retailers and shopping centers, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, schools, religious institutions, government agencies, motels and hotels, subdivisions and HOAs, restaurants, property management firms, and apartment complexes. We offer the following list of services in Pearland.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Pearland, TX: Prompt, professional crack repair can prevent water from reaching and destabilizing the pavement’s foundation, minimizing the risk of expensive repairs or the premature failure of the pavement.
Asphalt Milling, Pearland, TX: Depending on the type of machine used, milling can be a fast, economical way to take out all layers of an asphalt pavement, correct surface flaws, adjust transitions between adjoining pavements, or assist in the installation of an overlay.
Asphalt Paving, Pearland, TX: A well-engineered, properly built asphalt pavement can be a valuable asset that is economical to acquire and maintain.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Pearland, TX: Many pavements that are nearing the end of their useful life can be successfully rejuvenated through resurfacing. Costing far less than reconstruction, resurfacing can often add another 10 or 15 years of life to a worn-out pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Pearland, TX: Asphalt pavement has three formidable enemies: automotive fluids, UV rays, and water. Sealcoating helps shield your pavement against all three.
Bollard Installation, Pearland, TX: There are various types of bollards that can serve different purposes. Some bollards control traffic, protect buildings, define boundaries, or enhance aesthetics.
Concrete Installation, Pearland, TX: Well-engineered and correctly built concrete pavements can be remarkably strong and durable. Since there are a number of things that can go wrong when installing concrete, always choose an experienced, reliable contractor.
Concrete Repairs, Pearland, TX: Although concrete is typically very long-lasting, it can require repairs. Tree roots may uplift or crack slabs, careless drivers may damage concrete curbs, or environmental factors can cause slabs to shift or sink.
Marking Removal, Pearland, TX: When you need to remove pavement markings, it is best to leave the job to an experienced professional to minimize the chance of collateral damage to the pavement.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Pearland, TX: The condition of a parking lot can speak volumes about a company. A well-maintained parking lot can be perceived as proof that the company cares about its employees or customers, is attentive to detail, and can be trusted to take proper care of all property under its control.
Parking Lot Signage, Pearland, TX: Whether they are required by law or installed to enhance safety, parking lot signs need to be located and mounted correctly so that they are informative, visible, secure, and attractive.
Parking Lot Striping, Pearland, TX: If you have ever parked in an unstriped lot, you know how quickly the area can turn into a chaotic mess. Drivers will park wherever they want and however they want, door dings will be commonplace, and the number of cars that the area could accommodate will be reduced.
Parking Lot Restripe, Pearland, TX: Plan on restriping if you alter your parking lot layout, have a contractor apply fresh sealcoating, or notice that your stripes have lost more than one-fourth of their original visibility.
Pavement Repair, Pearland, TX: Repairs play a critical role in the longevity of both asphalt and concrete pavements. Furthermore, some types of issues carry the potential to damage vehicles or inflict injuries on pedestrians.
Thermoplastic Markings, Pearland, TX: As a material for pavement markings, thermoplastic offers several advantages over the traditional paints that are typically used, including a longer life. However, because thermoplastic markings require special skills and equipment, not every contractor can apply them.

Marathon Solutions Group can provide customers in Pearland, TX with any of the asphalt paving services listed above. If you need exceptional results at competitive rates, contact us for a free quote by calling 800-879-1147 or submitting the proposal request form online.

We’re Located at:

Marathon Solutions Group, LLC
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asphalt paving katy texas

Katy, TX

Katy, Texas

Katy is situated near the point where Waller, Fort Bend, and Harris counties meet. The city lies alongside Interstate 10 to the west of downtown Houston. Marathon Solutions Group is often asked by property owners and managers in Katy to furnish them with our services, including asphalt and concrete repair, concrete installation, asphalt paving and resurfacing, parking lot maintenance, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, bollard installation, and parking lot signage.

Katy, Texas

What Is the History of Katy?

The formal history of Katy began during the early 1800s with the arrival of a handful of settlers. What would eventually become the town of Katy was first called Cane Island. Katy transformed into a railroad town when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, nicknamed the Katy line, built tracks running west from Houston. In 1900, virtually all of the town’s homes were destroyed by the hurricane that devastated Galveston. The town rebuilt and was incorporated in 1945. The construction of Interstate 10 in the 1960s and Houston’s westward expansion fueled Katy’s growth. From fewer than 850 residents in 1950, the population swelled to more than 5,660 by 1980 and currently stands at almost 20,000.

What Paving Services Can Customers in Katy Receive From Marathon Solutions Group?

We serve clients from all industries, including the hospitality, health care, retail, real estate, and transportation industries as well as municipal, federal, state, and county agencies. The services we offer in Katy include the following.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Katy, TX: The prompt repair of cracks can help ensure a long life for asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Milling, Katy, TX: Milling, which involves the removal of asphalt pavement to a precise depth, can correct superficial surface issues or prepare an area for the installation of an overlay.
Asphalt Paving, Katy, TX: Asphalt pavements are typically much faster and cheaper to construct than concrete pavements.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Katy, TX: Resurfacing can often be a cost-effective alternative to reconstructing your pavement, but the results will be remarkably similar.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Katy, TX: Professionally applied sealcoating can help prolong the life of asphalt pavement by blocking damage from the elements as well as petrochemicals.
Bollard Installation, Katy, TX: Bollards can direct traffic, enhance safety, protect structures, or provide aesthetic appeal.
Concrete Installation, Katy, TX: For certain applications, concrete can deliver a strong, durable pavement that can withstand heavy loads and a significant amount of abuse.
Concrete Repairs, Katy, TX: Damaged concrete can lead to safety issues or diminished curb appeal. Taking prompt action can help prevent additional damage that could compromise the integrity of the pavement.
Marking Removal, Katy, TX: Pavement markings should always be removed by an experienced professional who knows the correct method to use for the type of material used for the markings. Otherwise, the pavement could suffer unnecessary damage.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Katy, TX: An effectively planned and executed program for the routine maintenance of your parking lot can help your pavement have a longer, more attractive life.
Parking Lot Signage, Katy, TX: Parking lot signs should guide drivers and pedestrians without overwhelming or needlessly distracting them. Signs should be clearly visible, securely mounted, and placed in the appropriate locations.
Parking Lot Striping, Katy, TX: Vibrant, neat parking lot striping can enhance order, improve safety, convey the message that you pay attention to details, and enhance your curb appeal.
Parking Lot Restripe, Katy, TX: Restriping will be needed whenever your markings and stripes become worn and hard to see. You will also need to restripe after sealcoating or if you must revise your parking lot layout.
Pavement Repair, Katy, TX: Without prompt, professional repairs, your pavement can have a shorter life, negatively affect your curb appeal, and present safety hazards that could leave you liable for damages or injuries.
Thermoplastic Markings, Katy, TX: If you are looking for durable, highly visible markings, you might prefer thermoplastic markings over paint.

At Marathon Solutions Group, we offer all of these paving services in Katy, TX. We have an impeccable reputation that is based on the extremely high quality of our work, our commitment to customer service, and our highly skilled and talented crew members. You can complete our online request for proposal if you wish to receive a free quote, or you can reach us by phone at 800-879-1147.

We’re Located at:

Marathon Solutions Group, LLC
10924 Grant Rd #630, Houston, TX 77070, United States

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asphalt paving conroe texas

Conroe, TX

Conroe, Texas

Conroe is situated about 40 miles north of Houston in Montgomery County. The city, which has a population estimated at almost 88,000, has a thriving economy. At Marathon Solutions Group, we provide a full range of paving services, including asphalt milling and resurfacing, concrete installation, asphalt paving, parking lot striping and signage, asphalt sealcoating, marking removal, parking lot maintenance, asphalt and concrete repair, parking lot restriping, asphalt crack repair, and bollard installation, to customers throughout the Conroe area.

A Short History of Conroe

In 1881, Isaac Conroe, a Houston lumberman and former Union officer, founded a sawmill at the site of what would become the city that was named in his honor. Lumber and oil drove the city’s economy, and for a brief period during the 1930s, Conroe had, per capita, more millionaires than any other city in the United States. The construction of Interstate 45 played a significant role in the city’s population growth.

The Services We Offer in Conroe

We provide our services to clients from virtually all industries found in Conroe, including hotels and motels, apartment complexes, recreational facilities, homeowner associations, health care facilities, grocery stores and other retailers, restaurants, churches, and subdivisions. We offer all of the following services.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Conroe, TX: Sooner or later, all asphalt pavements will develop cracks. However, leaving cracks open to the elements can jeopardize your entire pavement. Significant cracks should be repaired as soon as possible.
Asphalt Milling, Conroe, TX: When controlled by experienced, skilled operators, milling machines can remove as much or as little of the pavement as desired. Depending on the machine, milling can make short work of grinding away asphalt pavement all the way to the foundation, or it can take a few millimeters off the surface. Although frequently used when resurfacing an asphalt pavement, milling can also be employed to correct certain types of pavement distress.
Asphalt Paving, Conroe, TX: The speed with which an asphalt pavement can be constructed and placed in use has helped boost the material’s popularity, but the cost is also a significant reason to choose asphalt over concrete. However, you should always hire an experienced, reputable contractor who will not cut corners or skimp on the quality of the materials used.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Conroe, TX: Often, an aging asphalt pavement may still have a stable, strong foundation. Repairs may no longer be cost-effective, or the years have severely affected the pavement’s appearance. An alternative to removing and replacing the pavement could be resurfacing, which is the installation of a course of asphalt over the existing pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Conroe, TX: Asphalt pavement can be rendered dry, brittle, and faded by the sun, or oil and other petrochemicals can leave it soft and easily damaged. Periodic applications of sealcoating can protect asphalt pavement from damage and refresh its trademark color.
Bollard Installation, Conroe, TX: You can use bollards to mount signs, restrict traffic, protect loading docks and buildings, or merely enhance your property’s architectural interest.
Concrete Installation, Conroe, TX: The use of concrete as a paving material can be traced back for several centuries. When installed by an experienced, knowledgeable contractor who has the proper equipment and skilled personnel, concrete can deliver remarkable strength and durability.
Concrete Repairs, Conroe, TX: Once concrete begins to develop deep cracks, spalling, or flaking, the damage will typically continue to worsen. Although some types of damage have little or no impact on the pavement’s structural integrity, other damage can be unsightly or a safety hazard.
Marking Removal, Conroe, TX: There are several valid reasons for removing pavement markings, and there are several methods that can be employed for the purpose. However, always choose a reputable contractor to perform the chore; the pavement under and around the markings could be damaged through carelessness or incompetence.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Conroe, TX: Your parking lot required a substantial investment to build. If you want to maximize the return on that investment, a professionally executed routine maintenance plan can help.
Parking Lot Signage, Conroe, TX: Whether they identify accessible parking spaces, inform drivers of the speed limit, convey information or warnings, or help control traffic, signs can help eliminate chaos in your parking lot to make it safer and less confusing for everyone.
Parking Lot Striping, Conroe, TX: Well-defined parking spaces add a sense of order to your parking lot, enhance your property’s appearance, and make drivers feel more secure about parking in your lot.
Parking Lot Restripe, Conroe, TX: You should expect to restripe your parking lot every 18 to 24 months or whenever your markings become tired and faded. You may also need to restripe if you need to revise your layout.
Pavement Repair, Conroe, TX: Timely, professional repairs are critical for maximizing the life of your pavement. Repairs can also reduce your potential liabilities and improve the visual appeal of your property.
Thermoplastic Markings, Conroe, TX: Although relatively new, thermoplastic markings are growing in popularity every year. Typically, they will have a significantly longer life than paint, and they can often deliver greater visibility as well.

Marathon Solutions Group is a well-respected paving company serving Conroe, TX and offering a full range of services for asphalt and concrete pavements. We are known for delivering work that is of the highest quality at competitive prices. If you are interested in a free quote, call +1-800-879-1147 to reach our Houston office or complete the online form.

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The Woodlands, Texas | Marathon Solutions

Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands, Texas

Located along Interstate 45 approximately 28 miles from Houston, The Woodlands is a census-designated place with a current population that is estimated to exceed 116,000. Businesses in The Woodlands know that they can count on Marathon Solutions Group for superior paving services, including concrete installation, asphalt paving, pavement repair, parking lot maintenance, asphalt milling, parking lot striping and pavement marking, marking removal, parking lot signage, asphalt sealcoating, bollard installation, thermoplastic markings, and concrete repair.

The History of The Woodlands

The Woodlands was established in 1974 as a master planned community on land that the Grogan-Cochran Lumber Mill had previously occupied. Originally, the developer expected Houston to annex the community, but as the population grew, opposition to annexation also grew. The Woodlands is currently managed by a board of directors elected by residents to serve staggered two-year terms. The Woodlands has become the home of a number of pharmaceutical, high-tech, and financial corporations, and its 10 villages feature homes ranging from modest dwellings to luxurious estates.

What Services Can Marathon Solutions Group Provide in The Woodlands?

Our clients in The Woodlands include health care facilities, homeowner associations, apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, entertainment and recreational venues, retailers, and various other types of enterprises. We offer all of the following services.

Asphalt Crack Repair, The Woodlands, TX: Water is the greatest danger to asphalt pavements in Southeast Texas. When it leaks through cracks in the pavement, it can erode the base layers, typically inflicting severe damage that is costly to repair.
Asphalt Milling, The Woodlands, TX: Milling machines can quickly remove a full depth of asphalt pavement, but they can also be set to remove just a fraction of an inch. Milling is often used to prepare a pavement for the installation of an overlay, but the technique can also be employed to address minor surface issues.
Asphalt Paving, The Woodlands, TX: Asphalt is the most popular choice for pavements in the United States. Constructing a new asphalt pavement is fast and economical, but make sure that you engage a contractor who has extensive knowledge of everything that is required to build a long-lasting, attractive asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Resurfacing, The Woodlands, TX: Asphalt resurfacing is also known as applying an asphalt overlay on top of an existing concrete or asphalt pavement. The appearance of a properly installed overlay will be virtually indistinguishable from a new pavement, but it will be much less expensive.
Asphalt Sealcoating, The Woodlands, TX: Asphalt pavements that receive timely applications of sealcoating throughout their lives can last two or three times as long as pavements that are never sealed. Sealants help safeguard asphalt pavements from damage caused by the sun and petrochemicals.
Bollard Installation, The Woodlands, TX: Whether used for security, safety, or decoration, you should make sure that your contractor knows how to install them correctly and understands any pertinent regulations on spacing, size, and location.
Concrete Installation, The Woodlands, TX: Concrete can be a durable paving material that can withstand heavyweight trucks and high volumes of traffic, but if it is not installed correctly, it will not have the longevity or strength that it should.
Concrete Repairs, The Woodlands, TX: Climate and geology can sometimes cause damage to even well-built concrete pavements. Your contractor should take a two-pronged approach by first identifying and addressing the source of the damage before making the necessary repairs.
Marking Removal, The Woodlands, TX: Sometimes, it is necessary to remove old markings before applying new ones. There are several methods than can be used, but inexperienced or careless contractors can inflict severe damage to your pavement during the removal process.
Parking Lot Maintenance, The Woodlands, TX: Being proactive about preventive maintenance for your parking lot can reward you in two ways. It can improve your curb appeal, but it can also help your parking lot last longer.
Parking Lot Signage, The Woodlands, TX: Some parking lot signs are required by local codes or federal laws. Other signs are optional, but they can help you control traffic and improve the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.
Parking Lot Striping, The Woodlands, TX: Visible, crisp, neat striping helps drivers park their vehicles correctly. In turn, this helps ensure that your parking lot can accommodate all of your customers, visitors, tenants, or employees.
Parking Lot Restripe, The Woodlands, TX: Restriping your parking lot will probably be necessary every two or three years. Lines fade and become less visible, you may need to alter your layout, or new regulations may require you to make changes to stay in compliance.
Pavement Repair, The Woodlands, TX: Damaged pavement needs to be repaired promptly to prevent even costlier repairs. Furthermore, damaged pavement can increase your potential liabilities as it can result in injury or property damage.
Thermoplastic Markings, The Woodlands, TX: For decades, various types of paint were the only choice for pavement markings. Thanks to advances in technology, thermoplastic markings are now available that are more durable than paint and offer a more vibrant appearance. Since special equipment and training is required to apply thermoplastic markings, you want to make sure that you only hire a contractor with the right qualifications.

Marathon Solutions Group can provide you with any of the paving services listed in The Woodland, TX area. We have known for providing exceptional quality and extraordinary service at highly competitive prices. If you would like for us to evaluate your pavement and tender a free quote, you can make your request by completing the online form or calling 800-879-1147.

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Houston, Texas, Marathon Solutions

Houston, TX

Houston, Texas

Houston is a sprawling metropolis that encompasses more than 635 square miles. When private businesses and public agencies need paving services, they often turn to Marathon Solutions Group for asphalt paving and overlays, concrete installation, asphalt milling, parking lot maintenance, pavement repair, parking lot signage, asphalt crack repair, concrete repair, parking lot striping and restriping, asphalt sealcoating, thermoplastic markings, bollard installation, and marking removal.

A Brief History of Houston

Houston was founded in 1836 by land investors and incorporated the following year. The city is named for Sam Houston, hero of the Battle of San Jacinto and the first president of the short-lived Republic of Texas. From 1836 until 1839, Houston was the capital of the newly established republic. Early growth was fueled by the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the port of Galveston. During the 20th century, Houston became the home of numerous oil companies, specialized health care facilities, universities, financial institutions, and government agencies.

What Services Are Offered in Houston by Marathon Solutions Group?

Marathon Solutions Group serves apartment complexes, health care facilities, restaurants, subdivisions and homeowner associations, hotels, retailers, religious institutions, shopping centers, and other commercial enterprises in Houston with a full range of pavement-related services. Our paving services include those on the following list.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Houston, TX: Timely crack repair is essential to prevent costly repairs to or the premature deterioration of asphalt pavement. Water that enters through open cracks can inflict serious damage on the pavement’s foundation.
Asphalt Milling, Houston, TX: Milling is an economical method of correcting a variety of issues with an asphalt pavement, including some types of surface damage and drainage problems. Milling is also a common practice when installing an asphalt overlay.
Asphalt Paving, Houston, TX: Asphalt pavements are economical and quick to install. However, you need to select a contractor who knows how to prepare the site, design the pavement correctly, and ensure proper compaction of the foundation and asphalt layers.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Houston, TX: Resurfacing is the technique of installing an asphalt overlay on an existing pavement. Although not every pavement is suitable for resurfacing, the procedure costs significantly less than rebuilding the pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Houston, TX: Sealants protect asphalt pavement from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, petroleum-based automotive fluids, and vehicles. However, sealcoating must be reapplied periodically to ensure the proper level of protection.
Bollard Installation, Houston, TX: Bollards can be used in a variety of ways to protect structures or control traffic. There are also bollards that are purely ornamental.
Concrete Installation, Houston, TX: In certain situations, concrete is the best choice for a paving material. Concrete can be tricky to install successfully, however, so always make sure that your contractor has the experience and equipment to handle your job.
Concrete Repairs, Houston, TX: Damaged concrete is unsightly, but it can also pose risks to pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists. Furthermore, damage can often continue to worsen, especially if the cause is not identified and corrected.
Marking Removal, Houston, TX: Pavement markings are meant to last, but there are times when it is essential to remove them. For example, temporary markings may be used in a work zone to reroute traffic or mark underground utilities. Whether they are on asphalt or concrete, markings should only be removed by a competent contractor to avoid or minimize any damage to the pavement.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Houston, TX: Well-maintained parking lots can have life expectancies that are up to three times as long as those that are never maintained. A proactive program of preventive maintenance can protect your parking lot’s visual appeal as well as its integrity.
Parking Lot Signage, Houston, TX: Signs can help you maintain order in your parking lot and ensure your compliance with local and federal regulations. However, signs must be placed in the proper locations and installed correctly.
Parking Lot Striping, Houston, TX: Without visible striping, your parking lot can have its capacity reduced. Furthermore, drivers may be reluctant to park in your lot or may be unsure of how and where they should park.
Parking Lot Restripe, Houston, TX: Once the stripes and other markings in your parking lot begin to lose their visibility, you should have them refreshed. You may also need to restripe if you need to alter the layout of your parking lot.
Pavement Repair, Houston, TX: Whether your pavement is asphalt or concrete, it will last longer, look better, and be safer if you are vigilant about repairs.
Thermoplastic Markings, Houston, TX: Thermoplastic markings are relatively new, but they typically last longer and have greater visibility than most types of paint.

If you need any of the above asphalt services in Houston, contact Marathon Solutions Group. We deliver extraordinary results and superior service at surprisingly affordable prices. You can call our office in Houston at 800-879-1147 or fill out the online proposal request to receive a free quote.

We’re Located at:

Marathon Solutions Group, LLC
10924 Grant Rd #630, Houston, TX 77070, United States

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