Katy, Texas

Katy is situated near the point where Waller, Fort Bend, and Harris counties meet. The city lies alongside Interstate 10 to the west of downtown Houston. Marathon Solutions Group is often asked by property owners and managers in Katy to furnish them with our services, including asphalt and concrete repair, concrete installation, asphalt paving and resurfacing, parking lot maintenance, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, bollard installation, and parking lot signage.

Katy, Texas

What Is the History of Katy?

The formal history of Katy began during the early 1800s with the arrival of a handful of settlers. What would eventually become the town of Katy was first called Cane Island. Katy transformed into a railroad town when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, nicknamed the Katy line, built tracks running west from Houston. In 1900, virtually all of the town’s homes were destroyed by the hurricane that devastated Galveston. The town rebuilt and was incorporated in 1945. The construction of Interstate 10 in the 1960s and Houston’s westward expansion fueled Katy’s growth. From fewer than 850 residents in 1950, the population swelled to more than 5,660 by 1980 and currently stands at almost 20,000.

What Paving Services Can Customers in Katy Receive From Marathon Solutions Group?

We serve clients from all industries, including the hospitality, health care, retail, real estate, and transportation industries as well as municipal, federal, state, and county agencies. The services we offer in Katy include the following.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Katy, TX: The prompt repair of cracks can help ensure a long life for asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Milling, Katy, TX: Milling, which involves the removal of asphalt pavement to a precise depth, can correct superficial surface issues or prepare an area for the installation of an overlay.
Asphalt Paving, Katy, TX: Asphalt pavements are typically much faster and cheaper to construct than concrete pavements.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Katy, TX: Resurfacing can often be a cost-effective alternative to reconstructing your pavement, but the results will be remarkably similar.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Katy, TX: Professionally applied sealcoating can help prolong the life of asphalt pavement by blocking damage from the elements as well as petrochemicals.
Bollard Installation, Katy, TX: Bollards can direct traffic, enhance safety, protect structures, or provide aesthetic appeal.
Concrete Installation, Katy, TX: For certain applications, concrete can deliver a strong, durable pavement that can withstand heavy loads and a significant amount of abuse.
Concrete Repairs, Katy, TX: Damaged concrete can lead to safety issues or diminished curb appeal. Taking prompt action can help prevent additional damage that could compromise the integrity of the pavement.
Marking Removal, Katy, TX: Pavement markings should always be removed by an experienced professional who knows the correct method to use for the type of material used for the markings. Otherwise, the pavement could suffer unnecessary damage.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Katy, TX: An effectively planned and executed program for the routine maintenance of your parking lot can help your pavement have a longer, more attractive life.
Parking Lot Signage, Katy, TX: Parking lot signs should guide drivers and pedestrians without overwhelming or needlessly distracting them. Signs should be clearly visible, securely mounted, and placed in the appropriate locations.
Parking Lot Striping, Katy, TX: Vibrant, neat parking lot striping can enhance order, improve safety, convey the message that you pay attention to details, and enhance your curb appeal.
Parking Lot Restripe, Katy, TX: Restriping will be needed whenever your markings and stripes become worn and hard to see. You will also need to restripe after sealcoating or if you must revise your parking lot layout.
Pavement Repair, Katy, TX: Without prompt, professional repairs, your pavement can have a shorter life, negatively affect your curb appeal, and present safety hazards that could leave you liable for damages or injuries.
Thermoplastic Markings, Katy, TX: If you are looking for durable, highly visible markings, you might prefer thermoplastic markings over paint.

At Marathon Solutions Group, we offer all of these paving services in Katy, TX. We have an impeccable reputation that is based on the extremely high quality of our work, our commitment to customer service, and our highly skilled and talented crew members. You can complete our online request for proposal if you wish to receive a free quote, or you can reach us by phone at 800-879-1147.

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