Asphalt Crack Repair

The prompt repair of cracks in asphalt pavement is vital if you want to secure the integrity of the entire structure. Cracks allow water and oil to reach the interior layers of the pavement, eventually resulting in serious damage that can be costly to repair. The experienced professionals at Marathon Solutions Group will evaluate the condition of your asphalt pavement and determine the cause of the cracking. If no significant underlying damage is present, most asphalt cracks repairs can be quickly and economically to provide long-lasting results.

Why Is Professional Asphalt Crack Repair Necessary?

Houston asphalt crack repair is more complicated than many people believe. To ensure that the repairs are performed to the highest standards in the industry, you need someone with the proper experience to correctly repair asphalt cracks, the modern industrial equipment built specifically for asphalt crack repair, and the correct high-quality filler material for the specific type of crack to be repaired.

Asphalt Crack Repair

Preparation of the damaged area is an extremely important part of achieving the best results. The crack must be thoroughly cleaned and dried, and it is often necessary to smooth the interior sides of the crack to ensure proper bonding of the crack filler to the pavement. Our knowledgeable and experienced crack repair experts understand all that is required, and they consistently provide the results that our customers expect.

A routine maintenance program that includes regular asphalt crack repair in Houston can increase the life of your asphalt pavement and lessen the possibility of costly repairs along the way. At Marathon Solutions Group, we want to be your go-to asphalt pavement professional for all your pavement needs. We work hard to exceed the customer’s expectations on every job, and evidence of our commitment to exceptional quality is the fact that over 80% of our customers are repeat clients.

We provide a full range of asphalt and concrete pavement work. Whether you need construction, replacement, or repair, we can provide the high-quality finished product that you deserve. We will complete your project as quickly as possible and with the least inconvenience to your business, but we will never sacrifice quality for speed. We have the professional personnel and modern equipment to perform all services, including the installation of asphalt and concrete pavement, asphalt milling, base repairs, asphalt overlays, crack filling, and sealcoating. In addition, we can perform high-pressure washing to clean and remove graffiti or markings from concrete structures and surfaces, and we also offer bollard installation, parking lot layout, painted and thermoplastic pavement markings, and parking lot signage. For more information or to schedule a free inspection and evaluation of your pavement, call +1 800-879-1147 to speak with one of our helpful representatives. You may also contact us by filling out the request for proposal form you will find on our website.

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