Concrete Installation

Most people are familiar with at least one or two aspects of concrete installation. Perhaps you have seen a concrete mixer truck on its way to a job site or witnessed workers finishing a freshly poured slab. You may have seen forms and rebar in place and ready for the concrete truck to arrive. However, you may not know all of the steps that are involved in a successful concrete installation job.

What Are the Preliminary Steps When Installing Concrete?

Virtually every type of construction project requires some preliminary work on the contractor’s part, and concrete installation is no exception.

Concrete Installation

1. If necessary, we will clear the site of existing vegetation or debris.
2. Depending on the project, we may need to perform the preliminary grading and soil compaction.
3. Members of the Marathon Solutions Group team will visit the site to mark the edges of the project so that the lines will be straight and neat.
4. If necessary, we will remove the dirt that will lie beneath the concrete. For most projects, we excavate to a depth of at least eight inches.
5. Depending on the specific project, we will install a crushed stone base of at least six inches.
6. We will determine the drainage requirements and complete the grading.
7. Once the area has been properly leveled and compacted, we will construct the forms.
8. Typically, the final preliminary step is to install the rebar or reinforcing mesh.

What Are the Final Steps When Installing Concrete?

In the days leading up to the pour, we will be monitoring the weather forecast carefully. Ideally, we would like to have a minimum of three days without rain, freezing temperatures, or excessive heat. Naturally, we know ways to work around conditions that are not ideal, but we prefer to time the work for days when conditions are the most favorable.

1. The day of the pour, our paving crew will conduct a final check of the site before the first concrete truck arrives.
2. On most jobs, the concrete mixer truck can get very close to the forms. They dispense the mix, normally continuing until the concrete reaches the top of the form.
3. Our crew members will use screeding tools to level and smooth the concrete. They may use other hand tools to remove air pockets or perform additional smoothing, taking care that they do not overwork the concrete.
4. Once the surface is smooth and level, we will apply a curing agent to slow evaporation.
5. Concrete must set before forms are removed. The initial set normally takes two or three days.
6. It is important to remember that the removal of the forms is not an indication that the concrete is cured and ready for use. Depending on various factors, concrete pavement typically needs at least seven days to cure before it can be opened to traffic, and it could need as long as 14 days.

At Marathon Solutions Group, we have the experienced personnel, quality equipment, and knowledge to install your concrete pavement correctly and efficiently. We also offer concrete repairs, parking lot striping and restriping, regular and thermoplastic pavement markings, asphalt paving, bollard installation, asphalt overlays, parking lot signs, asphalt crack repair and patching, marking removal, and asphalt sealcoating. We have assembled an exceptional team of employees who share our commitment to exceeding every client’s expectations by providing work of the highest quality. If you are interested in a free, no-obligation proposal, simply complete the online request form or call our office in Houston at +1 800-879-1147.

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