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The condition of your parking lot can lead customers, employees, vendors to draw conclusions about your business practices. If your lot is poorly maintained, they may perceive that your building is also not maintained properly. They may conclude that you have little regard for their safety or convenience. They could even decide that your business is not profitable or that your practices could be a bit on the shady side. Conversely, a well-maintained parking lot with clean, visible markings creates the perception that you know how to run a successful business, care about the comfort and safety of everyone who parks on your property, and are willing to go the extra mile to take proper care of your building, its furnishings, or your inventory. If it is time for parking lot restriping, you can trust Marathon Solutions Group to handle the work expeditiously, accurately, and professionally.

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How Do You Know Your Parking Lot Needs Restriping?

When humans view the same scene day after day, they have a tendency to see what they expect to see. Frequently, the image they see has more to do with a memory than with the current view. Therefore, your parking lot striping could be badly deteriorated before your conscious mind recognizes the current condition of your markings and striping. Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you determine whether it is time to restripe.

1. You cannot remember when restriping was last performed. The average parking lot in the Houston area needs restriping every 18 to 24 months. If you have not restriped within the last two years, it is highly probable that you need to call Marathon Solutions Group.
2. Some markings have disappeared, and others seem to have faded. Your parking lot striping and pavement markings should be clean, vibrant, and highly visible. You may be able to see the markings while standing in your parking lot on a sunny day, but that does not necessarily mean that drivers can see them at night or on a cloudy or rainy day. As a general rule, you should restripe if the original visibility of your markings has been reduced by more than 25%.
3. Drivers are parking haphazardly. They may be parking outside of the lines or in no-parking zones, or they may be parking at incorrect angles. This is typically a good indication that drivers are having trouble seeing the lines. Unruly parking can reduce the number of vehicles that can park in your lot, but it can also pose safety hazards for pedestrians as well as drivers.
4. Your parking lot just looks unattractive. Even after you have a sweeping service clean your lot to remove debris and dirt, your parking lot looks unkempt or grimy. Thanks to your parking lot, your property’s curb appeal is suffering. We can boost your curb appeal by applying fresh sealcoating and restriping your parking lot.
5. Speaking of sealcoating, did you restripe after your last application of sealcoating? If not, call Marathon Solutions Group today. The sealcoating would have covered your pavement markings and striping, so your lot probably does not comply with ADA regulations. This could potentially leave you facing fines or even lawsuits.

You can trust Marathon Solutions Group for all of your parking lot restriping in Houston, including sealcoating, striping, pavement markings, signage, crack repair, and asphalt and concrete repair. We also offer thermoplastic markings, asphalt milling, concrete installation, asphalt overlays, and marking removal. We are committed to delivering high-quality work and exceptional service at reasonable prices, and we have the right equipment and highly skilled team members to do so. To learn more about us or request a free quote, submit our proposal request online, call our office at +1 800-879-1147, or send an email to

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