Commercial Services

If you own or manage a business, you must juggle a wide variety of tasks, most of which focus on or relate to improving your company’s profits. However, you may not realize how much your property’s pavement can potentially impact your company’s bottom line.

How Can the Right Commercial Paving Contractor Help a Company's Profitability?

Your pavements are your company’s assets. Getting the most out of your paving investments begins by selecting the right contractor to handle the construction and maintenance of your pavements.

Commercial Services

• A good commercial paving contractor understands your needs. For example, you may need to have a new parking lot completed by a specific date, schedule repairs for your slowest days or times, or break large projects into multiple small projects to minimize disruptions during business hours.
• The right paving contractor will be able to provide you with references that are relevant to the type of work you need. You will be able to contact these references to verify the contractor’s performance before, during, and after the project.
• If you have both asphalt and concrete pavements, it is helpful to choose a contractor with the skills, equipment, and knowledge to handle both. For example, you might need to have an asphalt parking lot resurfaced and its concrete curbs repaired or replaced. Dealing with one contractor can facilitate the scheduling and completion of all tasks, and it might save you money as well.
• A good contractor will offer all of the services that you need to maintain your pavement. Some of these services may include sealcoating, repairing cracks in concrete and asphalt pavements, installing parking lot signage, repairing potholes, and applying parking lot striping and pavement markings.
• The right contractor will stand behind his work. He has team members who are proficient at their jobs, uses quality materials, and has the right tools and equipment. Therefore, he knows that his work will be of the highest caliber.
• An excellent commercial paving contractor will be able to answer all of your questions. His answers and explanations will be in unambiguous terms rather than industry jargon.

In short, the right contractor will ensure that you receive the best return possible on your paving investment. From the initial installation to preventive maintenance, he will be committed to using his knowledge and experience to help you obtain the longest life possible for your pavements.

At Marathon Solutions Group, we understand the unique needs of commercial property managers and owners. Our experienced, highly trained crews can provide you with a full range of paving services, including asphalt paving, concrete installation, asphalt sealcoating, pavement repair, parking lot signage, asphalt milling, parking lot striping, thermoplastic and traditional pavement markings, bollard installation, asphalt resurfacing, and concrete and asphalt crack repair. We offer free quotes, so give us a call at +1 800-879-1147 or fill out our request for online form proposal form online.

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