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The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act created many challenges for virtually every organization or business that employed, sold to, served, or rented to the public. Existing structures had to be retrofitted to ensure equal accessibility for all, and new constructions had to incorporate the regulations in their designs. Concrete ADA work needs to be performed by a company that understands the numerous complex regulations, has experience in the area, and stays current with all updates and changes. At Marathon Solutions Group, we frequently provide ADA-compliant concrete work to customers in Houston, Katy, Conroe, League City, Woodlands, Baytown, Humble, Cypress, Pearland, and Kingwood as well as selected towns in Oklahoma.

What Features Are Included in Concrete ADA Work?

Most ADA concrete work involves some type of ramp. Here are a few examples.

  1. Your business requires customers to climb one or more steps to enter your building. You need to install a ramp that people with mobility issues can use instead of the steps or stairs.
  2. Your building has a ramp, but it does not comply with ADA specifications. You need to alter or replace your ramp.
  3. There are barriers at some point between the parking spaces in your lot and the entrance to your building. The barriers could be curbs, sidewalks, or landscape islands. You will need to create an accessible passageway known as a curb ramp to eliminate the barrier.

Is a New Ramp Automatically Considered Concrete ADA Work?

No, simply building a new ramp does not necessarily provide compliance. The ramp must comply with the Houston Concrete ADA regulations, some of which appear on the following list.

  1. The surface of the ramp must have a slip-resistant finish, so you do not want a highly polished concrete finish.
  2. The ramp and any landings present must not allow water to collect on the surface.
  3. Ramps should have the least slope possible, but the running slope must not be greater than 1:12 in most cases.
  4. All ramps, including curb ramps, must be a minimum of 36 inches wide.
  5. Although ramps can include multiple runs, each run must be no more than 30 inches high. Every run must include a top and bottom landing that is level, a minimum of 60 inches wide, and at least as wide as the run or ramp.
  6. If the rise of the ramp exceeds six inches, handrails must be installed on both sides. Furthermore, in some situations, barriers, curbs, or other types of edge protection will be mandatory.
  7. There must not be any obstructions present on the ramp.
  8. All ADA-compliant surfaces are to be maintained or repaired to keep them in good condition.

If you would like assistance to ensure that your property complies with the ADA, contact Marathon Paving Solutions. We are dependable, experienced, professionals with an exemplary reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and extraordinary service. In addition to concrete ADA work, our concrete installation services include concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, concrete ramps, and concrete parking lots. We also offer pavement repairs, including concrete repairs, asphalt crack repairs, and asphalt repairs and patches. Our other services include bollard installations, parking lot striping, asphalt paving, parking lot maintenance, asphalt resurfacing, parking lot signs, asphalt milling, thermoplastic markings, and marking removal. To request a free quote, email, call 800-879-1147, or complete the online form.

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