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It takes a lot of planning to get the signage right on a parking lot, but the parking lot signage experts at Marathon Solutions Group have the knowledge and experience to do it right from start to finish. We look closely at the size and design of your parking lot to determine what signs are needed and where they need to be placed. Our professionals are knowledgeable of all the current local, state, and federal regulations and codes that mandate the exact type, quantity, and placement of all signage required in any parking lot. Improper signage can potentially result in fines to the property owner or even lawsuits to force compliance. In addition, proper signage can make your parking lot safer by providing better control to reduce confusion.

houston parking lot signage

What Are the Elements of Effective Parking Lot Signage?

Good lot signage should efficiently and safely direct both drivers and pedestrians throughout the parking lot. Signage should be highly visible on both sunny and overcast days as well as at night. Extra illumination may be necessary to ensure that signage is adequately visible during nighttime hours. Directions should be simple and easily understood at a glance so that they do not distract the driver or pedestrian for too long. Signage should clearly advise all visitors to the property on direction, speed, and parking or travel restrictions.

Our crew of knowledgeable and experienced lot signage planners and installers can create an environment that is easy to navigate in the safest manner possible. Visitors to your property will feel more comfortable knowing that you care about their well-being and will be more likely to return for future business. Should an accident occur, your potential liability could be reduced if you have followed all laws, codes, and regulations.

If you already have parking lot signage but are concerned with its present condition or legality, contact us now to set up an inspection and evaluation of your signage. Proper preventive maintenance will keep your signage visible. Age, vandalism, and wear and tear from weather conditions or careless drivers can make parking lot signage hard or impossible to read. We can keep your signage updated and looking its best.

Besides planning, installing, and maintaining your parking lot signage in Houston.  We offer all services related to asphalt and concrete parking lots and other pavements. We do asphalt and concrete construction as well as any type of repair or maintenance procedure that you may need, including overlays, crack filling, sealcoating, line striping, bollard installations, thermoplastic pavement markings, marking removal, and asphalt milling. We are known for delivering high-quality work and top-notch customer service at competitive prices. If you would like to have us evaluate your pavement and provide you with a quote, you can fill out our online proposal request form or call +1 800-879-1147.

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