Kingwood was developed in the 1970s as a planned community. Located on approximately 14,000 acres about 30 miles northeast of Houston’s downtown district, Kingwood lies in a heavily forested area and incorporates nature preserves, walking trails, and numerous parks. Marathon Solutions Group offers a full range of paving services, including pavement repair, asphalt paving, concrete installation, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot maintenance, bollard installation, asphalt resurfacing, parking lot striping and pavement marking, asphalt crack repair, concrete repair, and thermoplastic markings, to customers in Kingwood.

The History of Kingwood

Kingwood was a joint venture between the King Ranch and the Friendswood Development Company, a subsidiary of Exxon. Most of the land on which Kingwood was built was purchased from the Foster family, who had owned the property since the 1890s. There are currently an estimated 65,000 people who reside within the defined borders of Kingwood.

The Services Marathon Solutions Group Offers in Kingwood

Churches, shopping centers, schools, recreational venues, village leaders, and restaurants in Kingwood can count on us for high-quality paving services at competitive rates. We offer a full range of services for both asphalt and concrete pavements.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Kingwood, TX: The timely repair of cracks is of the utmost importance if you want to avoid additional damage and ensure a longer life for your asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Milling, Kingwood, TX: Milling machines are as efficient as they are versatile. They can remove all layers of an asphalt pavement or be set to barely skim its surface.
Asphalt Paving, Kingwood, TX: Lower in cost and faster to install than concrete, asphalt can be an attractive, durable material for all types of pavements.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Kingwood, TX: Many aging pavements can be effectively and economically rejuvenated by the installation of a layer of asphalt over the existing pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Kingwood, TX: The two critical maintenance procedures for asphalt pavements are crack repair and sealcoating. Sealcoating helps protect against damage caused by vehicles as well as damage caused by oxidation, UV rays, and pollution.
Bollard Installation, Kingwood, TX: Properly installed bollards can add architectural interest or serve as safety and security measures.
Concrete Installation, Kingwood, TX: There are times when concrete is the best choice, but always make sure that your contractor will take the time to install it correctly.
Concrete Repairs, Kingwood, TX: Damaged concrete can present safety hazards and is unsightly. If ignored, the damage pattern will likely continue to expand.
Marking Removal, Kingwood, TX: When pavement markings must be removed, it is important to select a contractor who can perform the task efficiently and safely.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Kingwood, TX: A regular program of routine maintenance can help ensure a long life and attractive appearance for your parking lot.
Parking Lot Signage, Kingwood, TX: There are voluntary and mandatory signs for your parking lot, but all signage needs to be securely mounted, correctly positioned, and properly maintained.
Parking Lot Striping, Kingwood, TX: Defined parking spaces with clean, visible lines help you maintain order and safety in your parking lot.
Parking Lot Restripe, Kingwood, TX: Stripes and markings can become faded or damaged, negating their benefits. Periodic restriping can help you retain your parking lot’s safety and visual appeal.
Pavement Repair, Kingwood, TX: Professional repairs can help you obtain the longest life possible for your pavement and the best return on your investment.
Thermoplastic Markings, Kingwood, TX: For a longer life and better visibility, you might want to consider thermoplastic pavement markings instead of traditional paint.

As a full-service paving company, Marathon Solutions Group can provide each of the above services in Kingwood, TX. We are known for exceptional customer service and exemplary craftsmanship. If you would like a free quote with no strings attached, submit the online request form or call 800-879-1147.

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