Houston, Texas

Houston is a sprawling metropolis that encompasses more than 635 square miles. When private businesses and public agencies need paving services, they often turn to Marathon Solutions Group for asphalt paving and overlays, concrete installation, asphalt milling, parking lot maintenance, pavement repair, parking lot signage, asphalt crack repair, concrete repair, parking lot striping and restriping, asphalt sealcoating, thermoplastic markings, bollard installation, and marking removal.

A Brief History of Houston

Houston was founded in 1836 by land investors and incorporated the following year. The city is named for Sam Houston, hero of the Battle of San Jacinto and the first president of the short-lived Republic of Texas. From 1836 until 1839, Houston was the capital of the newly established republic. Early growth was fueled by the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the port of Galveston. During the 20th century, Houston became the home of numerous oil companies, specialized health care facilities, universities, financial institutions, and government agencies.

What Services Are Offered in Houston by Marathon Solutions Group?

Marathon Solutions Group serves apartment complexes, health care facilities, restaurants, subdivisions and homeowner associations, hotels, retailers, religious institutions, shopping centers, and other commercial enterprises in Houston with a full range of pavement-related services. Our paving services include those on the following list.

Asphalt Crack Repair, Houston, TX: Timely crack repair is essential to prevent costly repairs to or the premature deterioration of asphalt pavement. Water that enters through open cracks can inflict serious damage on the pavement’s foundation.
Asphalt Milling, Houston, TX: Milling is an economical method of correcting a variety of issues with an asphalt pavement, including some types of surface damage and drainage problems. Milling is also a common practice when installing an asphalt overlay.
Asphalt Paving, Houston, TX: Asphalt pavements are economical and quick to install. However, you need to select a contractor who knows how to prepare the site, design the pavement correctly, and ensure proper compaction of the foundation and asphalt layers.
Asphalt Resurfacing, Houston, TX: Resurfacing is the technique of installing an asphalt overlay on an existing pavement. Although not every pavement is suitable for resurfacing, the procedure costs significantly less than rebuilding the pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating, Houston, TX: Sealants protect asphalt pavement from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, petroleum-based automotive fluids, and vehicles. However, sealcoating must be reapplied periodically to ensure the proper level of protection.
Bollard Installation, Houston, TX: Bollards can be used in a variety of ways to protect structures or control traffic. There are also bollards that are purely ornamental.
Concrete Installation, Houston, TX: In certain situations, concrete is the best choice for a paving material. Concrete can be tricky to install successfully, however, so always make sure that your contractor has the experience and equipment to handle your job.
Concrete Repairs, Houston, TX: Damaged concrete is unsightly, but it can also pose risks to pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists. Furthermore, damage can often continue to worsen, especially if the cause is not identified and corrected.
Marking Removal, Houston, TX: Pavement markings are meant to last, but there are times when it is essential to remove them. For example, temporary markings may be used in a work zone to reroute traffic or mark underground utilities. Whether they are on asphalt or concrete, markings should only be removed by a competent contractor to avoid or minimize any damage to the pavement.
Parking Lot Maintenance, Houston, TX: Well-maintained parking lots can have life expectancies that are up to three times as long as those that are never maintained. A proactive program of preventive maintenance can protect your parking lot’s visual appeal as well as its integrity.
Parking Lot Signage, Houston, TX: Signs can help you maintain order in your parking lot and ensure your compliance with local and federal regulations. However, signs must be placed in the proper locations and installed correctly.
Parking Lot Striping, Houston, TX: Without visible striping, your parking lot can have its capacity reduced. Furthermore, drivers may be reluctant to park in your lot or may be unsure of how and where they should park.
Parking Lot Restripe, Houston, TX: Once the stripes and other markings in your parking lot begin to lose their visibility, you should have them refreshed. You may also need to restripe if you need to alter the layout of your parking lot.
Pavement Repair, Houston, TX: Whether your pavement is asphalt or concrete, it will last longer, look better, and be safer if you are vigilant about repairs.
Thermoplastic Markings, Houston, TX: Thermoplastic markings are relatively new, but they typically last longer and have greater visibility than most types of paint.

If you need any of the above asphalt services in Houston, contact Marathon Solutions Group. We deliver extraordinary results and superior service at surprisingly affordable prices. You can call our office in Houston at 800-879-1147 or fill out the online proposal request to receive a free quote.

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