When you pay a contractor to install an asphalt overlay or construct a new pavement, you naturally have certain expectations. You expect the surface to be visually appealing and provide a smooth ride. You also expect your new pavement to meet or exceed the average life for a comparable pavement. If your new Houston asphalt paving does not have a smooth surface, it is possible that the contractor made an error. If so, the error most likely occurred during either the mix creation or the compaction.

How Does the Mix Affect Whether My Houston Asphalt Paving Has a Smooth Surface?

There are several types of asphalt mixes that a paving contractor can use for Houston pavements. The aggregates that a paving company chooses to incorporate in the mix can have a major impact on the results. The mix must be thick enough and have the proper consistency to coat the aggregates and bind them together. If the amount of asphalt in the mix is insufficient, the pavement can have a lumpy surface. Furthermore, the aggregates should not be round or smooth-edged. Smooth or round rocks tend to allow gaps or air voids that make proper compaction difficult or impossible. If the asphalt paving company cannot achieve adequate compaction, the surface can be uneven and rough. Inadequate compaction can also shorten the life of your commercial paving.

How Does Compaction Affect Whether My Houston Asphalt Paving Has a Smooth Surface?

Proper compaction is critical to remove air bubbles and gas within the mix. Most roadway and parking lot paving contractors use rolling machines to compact the asphalt. Because the time to achieve compaction is typically just a matter of minutes, a Houston paving contractor must plan accordingly. This means that the contractor must have the right rolling machines and highly skilled operators waiting at the job site. If the asphalt cools too much between the arrival of the asphalt and compaction, you can expect a bumpy surface. Contractors who include resurfacing as one of their paving services must also guard against bow waves. In addition, a paving contractor must plan the rolling pattern to ensure sufficient compaction with the fewest passes necessary. Contractors must also decide whether to use vibratory or static rollers as well as determine the proper roller speeds.

Are There Other Things That Might Affect the Smoothness of an Asphalt Pavement?

There are a few other things that could affect the smoothness of an asphalt pavement, but they relate primarily to overlays.

1. Applying an overlay less than a year after sealcoating could create issues.
2. Using the wrong tack coat could potentially cause problems.
3. Using a rolling machine with a driven front drum could present challenges.
4. Applying an overlay less than six months after crack sealing could prove problematic.

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