5 Things You Didn't Know About Commercial Asphalt Paving, paving houstonIn the United States, an ever-increasing number of businesses are choosing commercial asphalt paving for their commercial properties. From the jogging trails in gated communities to mall parking lots that serve thousands of customers each day, even casual observers will have no difficulty spotting asphalt pavements in their own towns. Many people have heard that asphalt is a cost-effective alternative to concrete, but there are five things asphalt companies know that you might not have heard. These include asphalt’s history, its flexibility, its impact on the environment, and its durability. The fifth thing you should know is the impact that the contractor you choose on your overall satisfaction with your new asphalt pavement.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Asphalt Paving

What Is the History of Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt has been used as a paving material for far longer than most people realize. It is understandable to associate asphalt pavements with the industrialization of America during the 1800s. As the country became more industrialized, people began moving to where the jobs were, so the population shifted from rural agrarian settings to urban centers, fueling the expansion of asphalt roads and streets. However, America was not the first modern nation to build asphalt roadways. France and Great Britain preceded the United States for several years. All three of these nations were more than 2,500 years late to the asphalt paving party that began with the Babylonians. Some of the Incas roads built over 500 years ago also featured a paving material similar to modern asphalt.

Why Is Asphalt Considered a Flexible Material for Commercial Paving?

Although asphalt pavement indeed has the ability to flex under loads, a paving contractor is more likely to call it a flexible material when referring to its many uses. A Houston paving company can build an asphalt runway capable of supporting the weight and stress of airplanes, an asphalt sidewalk that will bear only pedestrian traffic, an asphalt tennis court, or any other type of pavement serving virtually any purpose. Many commercial properties feature asphalt parking lots, asphalt curbs, and asphalt walkways.

What Impact Does Asphalt Paving Have on the Environment?

Contrary to what some people believe, asphalt is exceptionally eco-friendly. Asphalt pavement can be reclaimed and reused, and more tons of asphalt is recycled every year than the next five materials combined. Roughly 99% of the nation’s asphalt pavement is recycled, amounting to as much as 80 million tons per year. Furthermore, asphalt does not leach any harmful chemicals into the soil or water. In fact, asphalt is often used to line public reservoirs and fish hatcheries.

How Durable Is Asphalt Pavement?

When given proper care, an asphalt pavement can provide decades of service. Cracks and other breaks in an asphalt pavement should be repaired promptly to prevent water from destabilizing the foundation that gives the pavement its strength. Piles of debris should not be allowed to accumulate on the pavement, and the weight of the traffic using the pavement should not exceed the design specifications. Pavements that have begun to show their age can often be given a new life with asphalt overlays. Also known as asphalt resurfacing, an overlay is a fresh layer of asphalt that is placed over an existing pavement. It is an extremely cost-effective method of obtaining a rebuilt pavement’s function and appearance without the expense. Because asphalt resurfacing retains curb reveals, transitions, and other aspects of the original pavement, the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary.

Why Is My Choice of a Houston Paving Company Critical to My Satisfaction With My Asphalt Pavement?

Not all asphalt companies are equal in terms of experience, staffing, equipment, and skills. Sadly, some contractors are unethical. Regardless of whether a commercial paving contractor lacks expertise or is dishonest, a poorly constructed pavement will start to deteriorate quickly, and it will require more extensive and more frequent repairs.

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