Five Burning Questions to Ask Your Houston Paving ContractorNew pavements can provide a variety of benefits to both residential and commercial property owners, including the potential to enhance curb appeal and boost property values. However, many people do not realize the critical role that the contractor plays in their long-term satisfaction with the pavement’s appearance, longevity, and functionality. Before you hire a Houston paving contractor, you should interview several possible candidates, and you should ask each candidate to answer five important questions.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have as a Houston Paving Contractor?

If you phrase the question in this manner, you have the opportunity to learn two critical things about the paving contractor beyond the number of years the company has been in business. Especially for a commercial paving project, you need a contractor with actual paving experience. For example, a company founded 20 years ago could have spent more than 19 years performing just parking lot maintenance or asphalt repairs, and only started handling new asphalt paving projects less than a year ago. The second thing you can learn is how much experience the contractor has in the Houston area. The weather in the area can present potential problems that are not encountered in many other regions. More importantly, whether you need a concrete or an asphalt paving company, you need a contractor who knows which sites in Harris County might have problematic soils, subterranean drainage issues, or other problems that may need to be resolved to ensure high-quality results.

What Paving Services Do You Offer?

Experienced commercial paving contractors often install both concrete and asphalt paving. They typically offer many other paving services, including concrete and asphalt repairs, turnkey parking lot maintenance programs, and pavement marking. Having one contractor who can provide your paving services after the installation allows you to build a relationship with someone who knows your pavement, your site, and your immediate and long-term goals.

Do You Have References From Customers for Whom You Have Completed Similar Jobs as a Houston Paving Contractor?

Reputable, experienced paving contractors will typically volunteer a list of customers you can contact for information about the quality of their work. If the contractor does not volunteer such a list, be sure to request it. You should then contact each of the references to inquire about the contractor’s dependability, workmanship, communication skills, and professionalism.

What Insurance Coverage Do You Carry?

A professional paving contractor should carry a general liability policy with a limit of at least $500,000. Contractors should also carry workers’ comp insurance that covers every one of their employees who will have access to your property. Vehicle liability insurance is also a must, and an umbrella policy is highly desirable. Ask your contractor to provide you with proof of valid insurance coverage.

What Does Your Estimate Cover?

Concrete and asphalt paving contractors can prepare their estimates in a variety of ways, but you need as much detail as possible to compare estimates properly. At minimum, you need to know the total square footage involved, the depth of the pavement, and the type of asphalt or concrete paving mix that will be used. You need to know what auxiliary services are included in the estimate. For example, does the estimate include the demolition of an existing pavement, the cost of any permits, or the clearing of undeveloped land to install the pavement? Who pays the fees associated with hauling off and disposing of debris that must be removed from your site? Upon completion, will the contractor accompany you on an inspection tour to identify any issues that need to be corrected?

At Marathon Solutions Group, Our Experts Can Answer Your Burning Questions

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