Asphalt Paving –What Is Binder & Topcoat?Asphalt pavements are flexible, attractive, economical, and durable, which are all excellent reasons to choose them for a wide variety of purposes. If you were to eavesdrop on a conversation between a group of experienced asphalt contractors, however, you would probably hear a number of terms with which you are unfamiliar. You might also hear some asphalt paving terms that obviously do not carry the same meanings as they do when applied to other circumstances. Two terms that can sometimes be confusing to clients are the binder and the topcoat. To understand what paving contractors mean when they use these terms, it may be helpful to discuss how asphalt pavements are built.

How Do Contractors Install Asphalt Pavements?

When your Houston asphalt contractor unveils your new pavement, you probably see an unbroken expanse that appears to be a single layer of material. In reality, an asphalt paving company builds a pavement in multiple layers. The bottom layer is the soil, which the contractor must grade and compact. The next layer is the base layer, and this consists of crushed stones or another aggregate. After constructing the aggregate base, your asphalt paving company can begin installing layers of hot asphalt, compacting each layer before placing the next. Two of these asphalt layers are referred to as the binder and the topcoat.

What Is the Binder in Asphalt Paving?

The binder is also referred to as the base coat. It is the layer of asphalt that your Houston paving contractor will install directly over the aggregate base. As it is a load-bearing course, your Houston asphalt contractor must create a mix that will be strong enough to support the demands that will be placed upon it. Typically, the asphalt mix used for a base coat will contain rocks or stones that are approximately three-quarters of an inch in diameter. After installing the base coat, your asphalt paving company will place the intermediate courses; these contain aggregates that are a little bit smaller than those used in the base coat.

What Is the Topcoat in Asphalt Paving?

Whether you are talking about a Houston asphalt overlay or a new pavement, the topcoat is the last layer of asphalt installed. This layer is sometimes called the driving course, surface layer, or finish course. The topcoat needs to offer a smooth ride as well as aesthetic appeal, so the aggregates in the asphalt mix for this course are normally smaller than those used in the other courses.

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