What Property Managers Need to Know About Asphalt PavingProperty managers are often expected to be experts in many fields, including advertising, human resources, and local building codes. Typically, they are also responsible for preparing annual budgets, scheduling maintenance procedures for their equipment or vehicles, and soliciting bids for repairs or upgrades to the property. One area, however, in which most property managers are not expected to be experts is asphalt paving. In most cases, asphalt pavements are highly cost-effective, easy to care for, and long-lasting, but there are some things that property managers should know about this extremely popular paving material.

What Are the Most Important Things That Property Managers Should Know About Asphalt Paving?

If you were to ask a dozen paving contractors to list the things that you should know about asphalt pavements, you could get a dozen answers. Here are the most important answers.

1. You will need to stay on top of your asphalt maintenance.
2. With proper maintenance, you could potentially never need to reconstruct your pavement.
3. Asphalt is a very cost-effective paving choice.
4. It takes less time for a Houston asphalt paving contractor to construct an asphalt pavement than a comparable concrete pavement.

What Are Some Typical Asphalt Maintenance Procedures?

Although some asphalt paving companies only include the procedures that a professional contractor must complete, maintenance can include actions that you or your employees provide.

1. Sealcoating is an economical way to block UV rays, vehicle fluids, and other enemies of asphalt pavements.
2. Timely crack repairs are essential if you want to prevent costlier damage, including a potential reconstruction.
3. An asphalt overlay can be a cost-effective alternative to a reconstruction.
4. Periodic sweepings to remove gravel, trash, and other debris can help prevent moisture from being trapped next to your pavement, which can lead to staining, water infiltration, or both.
5. Even with sealcoating, vehicle fluids can soften asphalt pavement if they are not removed before they have eaten through the sealcoating.

How Might Maintenance Affect the Need to Reconstruct an Asphalt Pavement?

As long as its supporting foundation has not been weakened or destabilized, it may be possible for a paving company to install an asphalt overlay. Before placing the overlay, the asphalt company will typically mill the existing pavement to remove it to a predetermined depth that is normally less than three inches. The contractor may apply a tack coat to help strengthen the bond between the overlay and the underlying pavement. Next, as many courses of asphalt are placed and compacted as are needed to restore the pavement’s elevation to its original height. In most cases, the process can be repeated as often as necessary, giving you decades of use.

What Is the Difference in Cost Between Concrete and Asphalt Pavement?

There are many factors that affect the cost of a pavement, including the paving material, the location of the site, and the preliminary work that must be done. However, a concrete pavement can cost more than twice as much as a comparable asphalt pavement.

Why Does the Speed of Asphalt Paving Matter?

Unless you are building a pavement just for show, the speed with which it can be placed into service is important. After all, a new parking lot is of no use to your customers or tenants until they can actually park their vehicles there. If you choose asphalt, your parking lot can usually be ready for traffic within 48 hours of completion, while a similar concrete lot may not be ready for a week or more.

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