Houston Budget Planning Tips for Asphalt PavingAsphalt is the most popular paving material in the Lone Star State for several reasons. Asphalt pavements are fast to construct, extremely economical, remarkably flexible, and aesthetically pleasing. Asphalt pavements respond well to extreme temperature fluctuations, rebound quickly after being subjected to traffic, and are suitable for many different applications. Asphalt does not leach toxins that could contaminate the soil or water, and every bit of an asphalt pavement can be fully recycled. Despite its numerous advantages, asphalt paving does need a little help to reach its full life expectancy without requiring extensive, frequent repairs. If you are responsible for preparing a budget for your asphalt pavements, here are some tips on budgeting, including which procedures you should prioritize.

What Should I Do First When Planning an Asphalt Paving Budget?

Before you can plan for the future, you need to know your current status. Whether you hire a Houston asphalt company to assist you, conduct your own evaluation, or rely on a reputable parking lot maintenance contractor for advice, you need to determine the current condition of your pavement. You need to identify any signs of damage to the pavement, including cracking, raveling, polishing, or shoving. If your pavement has cracks or potholes, you need to know their locations and severity. Take a good look at the color of your pavement; dingy gray pavements can typically have their color restored by a quality sealcoating. Check the condition of your pavement markings, traffic signs, car stops, curbs, line striping, gutters, and other features.

Which Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Procedures Should I Prioritize?

Without question, the two most-critical procedures are asphalt repairs and sealcoating. As any experienced asphalt contractor will tell you, timely repairs can make the difference between a long-lived pavement that requires a few economical repairs and a short-lived pavement that requires numerous costly repairs. If cracks develop, have your Houston asphalt company repair them as soon as possible, but never let them go without repair for more than a year. If you can, create a budget that will allow you to have cracks repaired every six months. Open cracks let water inflict structural damage that can lead to the premature demise of an entire pavement. Sealcoating can often help prevent pavement cracks and potholes by blocking UV rays, automotive fluids, and other things that can destroy the binding agent holding your pavement together. Your asphalt company probably told you that you should have this extremely economical procedure performed sometime during your new pavement’s first 12 months. You should ask your Houston pavement maintenance company how often your particular pavement will need to be resealed, but the average interval is around two years.

What Other Procedures Should I Include in My Asphalt Paving Budget?

Many procedures depend on the pavement in question. For what is the pavement used? How much traffic does it receive, and what are the weights involved? How old is the pavement, and what care has it received? Does your parking lot have any unusual features? Based on your answers, you may need all or none of the following procedures, and you may need them more frequently or less often than the average times indicated.

• Painted parking lot stripes and markings typically need to be replaced every two years. Since you will also need to repaint after a sealant application, it is a good idea to schedule both procedures for the same time.
• If you have car stops in your parking spaces, you should budget to have damaged ones replaced. Broken or misaligned car stops can trip pedestrians or damage vehicles.
• Signs can be intentionally or accidentally damaged, and they can also become faded. You might want to include a line item in your annual budget to replace or repair signs as needed.
• Drainage issues can inflict damage on your asphalt pavement, but many property managers neglect to budget for curb and gutter repairs, sewer cleaning and repair, and asphalt milling to eliminate birdbaths. Discuss this category with your pavement maintenance contractor to determine which procedures might be right for your situation.
• Most asphalt pavements need to be resurfaced by the time that they are 10 or 12 years old. Resurfacing is a great way to give your pavement a new lease on life without the costs associated with a reconstruction. If possible, include a reserve account in your annual budget so that the funds will be in place when you need to have your pavement resurfaced.

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