What Is the Process for Constructing a Houston Concrete Slab Foundation?Historically, concrete was not always the material chosen for the construction of foundations for homes and other buildings. For centuries, wood, stone, tile, and packed earth were much more common. Today, however, most buildings in Houston are constructed with a concrete slab foundation.

What Is a Concrete Slab Foundation?

A slab foundation is an expanse of concrete that is typically an unbroken surface. The thickness of the concrete slab will depend on the nature of the project, but a concrete foundation in Houston is usually a minimum of four inches thick. Concrete foundation companies must consider several factors when designing a slab foundation, including the load that the building will place on the slab. Other factors that a concrete foundation company must evaluate include the sufficiency of the ground, the weather conditions, and the type of concrete mix to use.

How Do Contractors Install a Concrete Slab Foundation?

Although the process can vary if the new building is a massive skyscraper, or it is being constructed in areas with extremely cold winters, contractors typically follow five basic steps to construct a Houston concrete slab foundation.

1. Assess the site. What lies beneath the concrete is critically important, so contractors must determine the qualities of the subgrade. If there are subterranean drainage issues, contractors must decide how to counteract them to ensure the stability of the new structure.
2. Level the ground. Since concrete is a slurry, most people assume that it will fill in any gaps to create a level surface. To a certain extent, this is true, but it is not advisable for the construction of a concrete foundation. Unless the Houston concrete contractor levels the ground, the thickness of the slab can vary, making it weaker and less stable.
3. Install underground utilities. Whether a concrete foundation company or a different contractor handles the installation, any lines that will lie under the slab must be placed before the pour.
4. Construct and place the forms. Forms contain the concrete slab slurry while it sets. Most concrete foundation companies use wood to construct their forms, but metal forms can also be used. If the specifications require reinforced concrete, rebar or mesh will be placed inside the forms.
5. Pour the concrete. Typically, a Houston concrete slab foundation involves a single, continuous pour. Crew members will work quickly to spread the slurry as it is being discharged from the concrete mixer trucks, which are usually disgorging their loads in slightly different spots. Employees of the concrete foundation company must take care that they do not overwork the concrete. This can trap excessive air or cause other issues that can affect the quality of the concrete slab. Unlike some other installations, a Houston concrete foundation typically requires only minimal surface finishing to complete the job.

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