How Does a Houston Concrete Company Pour a Foundation?For many decades, concrete has been used to create strong, stable foundations for a wide range of structures. For example, most modern homes and commercial buildings use concrete for their foundations, and so do many backyard sheds and parking lot guardhouses. In case you are wondering how a Houston concrete company installs a foundation, there are four basic categories of the steps involved. These categories involve the excavation, footings, formwork, and pour.

Why Does a Houston Concrete Company Need to Excavate to Pour a Foundation?

Because concrete is a flowable slurry when it is poured, in some situations, it can fill in any gaps in the ground. Houston concrete companies, however, do not typically recommend a slab-on-ground construction for load-bearing foundations. Even if the foundation will not be substantially higher than the surrounding terrain, concrete contractors still need to dig a hole. This allows them to determine the suitability of the subgrade, compact the soil, and provide workers with the access they need for the upcoming tasks.

What Are Footings to a Houston Concrete Company?

Footings are essentially concrete posts that add support to a concrete foundation. Concrete contractors base their determination of the number and size of footings to install on the load the foundation must support and other factors.

What Does the Category of Formwork Include When Contractors Install a Concrete Foundation?

Whether they are installing a concrete parking lot, a small concrete slab for a patio, or a concrete foundation, contractors need a way to contain the slurry until it sets. Concrete forms are the overwhelmingly accepted method for accomplishing this task. A concrete company in Houston usually makes forms out of wood, but it is also possible to construct metal forms. Concrete contractors base the size and shape of the forms on details specific to the job. The forms are built and placed, and, depending on the engineering specifications, mesh or rebar may be placed inside the forms prior to the pour. These forms will be left in place until the concrete sets sufficiently, which may take anywhere from three or four days to a week or more.

What Steps Will a Contractor Take When Pouring a Houston Concrete Foundation?

To a concrete company in Houston, pouring the concrete is one of the most important elements of ensuring quality results.

1. The concrete company should have selected the appropriate mix when preparing a customer’s quote. There are several types of mixes available, and the mix should meet the requirements for the job. For example, the mix selected to make a concrete repair on a sidewalk by replacing one or more slabs may not be the right choice for constructing a home’s concrete foundation.
2. The contractor will contact the supplier to verify the mix and schedule the delivery of the trucks. The delivery of the trucks should be timed so that they do not arrive too soon or too late in the process.
3. Normally, Houston concrete companies have the mixer trucks position themselves near the forms. The slurry travels down a chute into the forms, then workers spread the concrete without overworking it.
4. Workers then apply a finish to the surface of the concrete. In most cases, a concrete foundation will have minimal finishing performed, usually just enough to ensure that the concrete is sufficiently level.

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