The Top Mistakes Concrete Installation Contractors MakeAs a rule, experienced concrete contractors do not make mistakes. However, concrete is neither straightforward nor simple to install, so it requires contractors to pay careful attention to many different details. Therefore, fledgling concrete installation contractors can sometimes make a mistake that can seriously compromise the quality of the installation.

What Are Some Common Mistakes That Concrete Installation Contractors Might Make?

There are dozens of mistakes that inept Houston concrete installation contractors could potentially make. However, five mistakes are the most common.

1. They use the wrong type of concrete.
2. They do not monitor the weather closely enough.
3. They do not prepare the site properly.
4. They fail to work the concrete in a timely manner.
5. They do not understand how the client plans to use the pavement.

Why Is It Essential That Concrete Installation Contractors Choose the Right Type of Mix?

A concrete company has access to a variety of concrete mixes. Experienced Houston concrete installation contractors understand that each type of mix has different chemical compositions, curing times, and strengths. Although virtually all concrete mixes contain water, aggregate, and portland cement, the percentage of each ingredient in the mix can yield different properties that are more suitable for certain jobs.

Why Should Concrete Installation Contractors Monitor the Weather Closely?

For starters, contractors should never start a pour if rain is a virtual certainty. Rain that falls on concrete before it has set can inflict damage that can be difficult or impossible to fully repair. Furthermore, the temperature has an impact on how long it will take the concrete to set. As you might expect, concrete sets faster on a warm, sunny day than a cool, overcast day.

Why Should Concrete Installation Contractors Prepare the Site Before Pouring?

It is true that concrete can flow into empty spaces in the ground without leveling the soil first. However, if you want a superior concrete installation, your contractor should level and compact the subgrade first. Roots, loose topsoil, or debris should be removed, and it may be necessary to address drainage issues. Site preparation is especially important when installing concrete streets and concrete parking lots in Houston.

Why Must Concrete Installation Contractors Work the Concrete?

During a concrete installation, time is a critical factor. The concrete must be worked before it sets to ensure a level surface and eliminate voids in the concrete. On large projects, including concrete parking lots in Houston, crew members must typically work and level the concrete as the pour is underway. If they do not, the result can be an uneven pavement that is structurally weak.

Why Is It Necessary for Concrete Installation Contractors to Understand How the Client Will Use the Pavement?

Your concrete company will engineer a pavement that can withstand the loads that you plan to place on it. Thus, Houston concrete installation contractors must decide whether to construct an aggregate base, make the slabs thinner or thicker, or include reinforcing mesh or rebar. For example, concrete parking lots in Houston that support truck traffic need to be stronger than those that support lightweight passenger vehicles. Unless the concrete company designs a parking lot with the strength to support the traffic, clients will quickly need concrete repair services. At the same time, it is wasteful to make a pavement stronger than it needs to be. Therefore, for concrete parking lots in Houston that only support occasional truck traffic, contractors can design a pavement that is stronger in the areas where the trucks drive or park.

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