The Benefits and Value of Concrete Parking LotsFirst impressions matter, and you will never have a second chance to make a positive first impression. There are many details that go into the first impression of your business that customers, tenants, clients, patients, or employees will form. However, your parking lot is typically the first thing that people see, so you want to make sure that it creates a favorable impression. Concrete parking lots help property owners generate that positive impression, but they can also provide significant financial advantages to the company.

How Do Concrete Parking Lots Help Provide Financial Advantages?

Although it is true that concrete parking lot construction costs more than a comparable asphalt parking lot, these costs can be offset over time.

1. Concrete requires little maintenance. When comparing concrete vs asphalt parking lot routine maintenance expenses, concrete comes out ahead. Asphalt pavements need fresh sealcoating every two years or so to prevent premature deterioration, and they are more likely to crack. Concrete can develop cracks, but it does so less frequently than asphalt. During construction, concrete parking lot contractors install expansion joints that help prevent cracking when the pavement expands and contracts in response to temperature fluctuations. Naturally, if cracks do develop occasionally, you want to repair them promptly to prevent water penetration. About the only other maintenance that concrete companies recommend is a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer whenever necessary.
2. Concrete reflects LED lighting better than asphalt. Due to concrete’s reflectivity, your parking lot will require less lighting to deliver ample nighttime illumination. This can reduce your utility bill for lighting your parking lot without compromising its safety.
3. Concrete is extremely durable. When given proper attention, concrete parking lots can last 30 years or more. Concrete has remarkable compressive strength, so concrete companies can design parking lots that can withstand high volumes of traffic and heavyweight trucks. The demands need to be specified during the planning stages prior to the concrete installation, though. This enables the contractor to engineer the pavement to reduce or eliminate the chance of inadvertent overloading.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Concrete Parking Lots?

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, concrete offers several advantages in a number of areas.

1. Concrete is aesthetically appealing, and it is also possible to customize to provide additional aesthetic benefits. During a concrete parking lot construction, contractors can stamp the pavement to imitate the appearance of cobblestones, bricks, or other patterns. Colored concrete is also available if you want to create a unique parking lot that coordinates with the colors in your logo or on your building. In most cases, concrete companies can also change the pattern or color of an existing concrete pavement. Therefore, if you need or want to make alterations, you can do so without rebuilding your parking lot.
2. Concrete offers environmental sustainability. Concrete mixes are comprised of natural resources rather than petroleum, and concrete pavement can be recycled. In addition, concrete parking lots reflect heat as well as light, so the urban heat island effect is reduced. This also makes the parking lot more comfortable for the people who are moving through it.
3. Concrete is the paving material of choice for ADA-compliant parking lots. A concrete pavement can be finished with a slip-resistant surface that meets the ADA requirements, which also require that water should not pool on it. This is one reason why ramps, walkways, curb ramps, and other accessible features are virtually always made of concrete.

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