Can You Pour Concrete Over an Existing Houston Concrete Slab?Although concrete is famous for its longevity, it can sometimes need a little help to prolong the slab’s life, restore its appearance, or eliminate any safety risks it might pose. It is common for contractors to repair cracks in a Houston concrete slab or replace severely misaligned slabs. However, people sometimes wonder whether it is possible to install new concrete on top of an existing slab. In some cases, it is indeed possible, but the process needs to be handled by an experienced professional.

How Do Contractors Decide Whether It Is Feasible to Top a Houston Concrete Slab With New Concrete?

Customers often ask concrete slab companies to install a layer of new concrete is to address minor imperfections or give the surface a clean, fresh appearance. Before installing a Houston concrete overlay on an existing slab, contractors evaluate the following points.

1. What is the condition of the concrete slab? It is not uncommon for a concrete slab in Houston to experience some salt damage, especially slabs in concrete parking lots, residential driveways, and thoroughfares. It is also not uncommon for concrete slab companies to identify cracks in existing pavements. Minor damage can usually be easily addressed as part of the process of a concrete installation over an existing slab. However, severe crumbling or significant cracks may require removing and replacing the affected slab or slabs.
2. Are there problems with misaligned slabs? Sunken slabs are often caused by soil that has subsided beneath them. Frost heave can result in uplifted slabs, and the pressure exerted by tree roots can force slabs out of position horizontally. Your Houston concrete company may still be able to pour concrete over an existing slab after correcting its alignment, but a replacement slab is a more likely scenario.
3. Will increasing the height of the slab cause problems? In most cases, when contractors pour fresh concrete over an existing concrete slab in Houston, they increase the slab’s height by two inches or more. This height differential could pose a tripping hazard, or it could interfere with the flow of traffic.
4. Is the existing concrete pavement structurally sound? A typical concrete slab overlay that is two inches thick weighs approximately 25 pounds per foot. Although this may not sound like a lot, it is more than enough pressure to further undermine the existing slab’s structural stability. Signs that a concrete slab in Houston may lack the necessary structural integrity include severe spalling and substantial cracks.

How Do Contractors Pour Fresh Concrete Over an Existing Houston Concrete Slab?

Just like the original concrete installation, the operation requires contractors to pay close attention to every detail.

1. The concrete slab company must clean the existing pavement thoroughly to remove debris, embedded dirt, and surface contaminants. Contractors may use stiff brooms to sweep the pavement. They may then follow it with a pressure washing that may include the use of a degreaser or detergent.
2. During a concrete installation, contractors build forms to hold the slurry. To top an existing slab, they install similar devices known as braces. Frequently, the braces contain wire mesh for reinforcement.
3. Concrete slab companies normally apply a bonding agent to help ensure that the new concrete will adhere properly to the existing slab. Although there are several bonding agents available, Houston concrete professionals often choose a simple slurry that consists of cement and water. This slurry is poured over the existing slab to serve as a primer coat.
4. The concrete mix is then poured. The type and size of the aggregate will be determined by the thickness of the pour, and the mix may contain a bonding adhesive. After pouring, the contractor levels the surface of the fresh concrete.

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