Is It Time to Replace Your Houston Concrete Parking Lot?Parking lots come in all sizes and configurations, and they can serve a variety of different needs. For example, a call center may only need to provide parking for their employees, but an industrial facility may need a parking lot that can also accommodate heavyweight trucks. The different variables in how the parking lot is engineered, installed, and cared for can determine how long a Houston concrete parking lot will last. However, there are some visible signs that it may be time to replace your parking lot.

What Are Some Visible Signs That It May Be Time to Replace My Concrete Parking Lot?

Although it is best to ask a reputable Houston concrete contractor to conduct a thorough assessment of your parking lot, there are a few signs that you may be able to identify yourself.

1. The slabs have moved from their original positions. When a contractor completes a high-quality concrete installation, all slabs should be at the same elevation, and their horizontal alignment should be even. Over time, however, slabs can subside, move sideways, or be uplifted. Although a concrete company in Houston can sometimes lift sunken slabs, the repair may not be permanent. In the case of slabs that have moved upward or to the side, you will probably need a concrete company to demolish and replace them. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may or may not need to replace your entire concrete parking lot.
2. There are severe cracks in your pavement. Eventually, cracks will form in virtually every Houston concrete parking lot. Cracks that form within a couple of years of a concrete installation are normally the result of settling. However, ground movement can cause settling cracks to develop at any stage in your parking lot’s life. Temperature fluctuations can also cause or contribute to cracks in concrete. If the cracks are not very deep or widespread, concrete companies can often repair them. However, if the cracks extend through the entire depth of the concrete, you will likely need to replace the affected slabs. If deep cracks affect numerous slabs, it might be better to plan on a total replacement of your concrete lot.
3. The edges of the slabs curve down or up. Concrete companies usually refer to this as curling or warping. This distortion can have several causes, and more than one cause can be present. However, distorted slabs almost always have an air pocket between them and the foundation, so your Houston concrete contractor will probably recommend replacing them.
4. The surface is badly deteriorated. You may be able to see exposed mesh or rebar, potholes may become more numerous or more severe, or the concrete may break or separate near drains or around the edges. In most cases, having your Houston concrete company replace your parking lot is the only option, or a replacement may be your most cost-effective solution. However, if the deterioration does not go too deep, a concrete company in Houston may be able to make a surface repair.

Are There Ways to Reduce the Likelihood of Needing a Premature Houston Parking Lot Replacement?

Some things are beyond your control, including how much and how quickly rain falls, how hot it gets in the summer, or whether the area will experience an unusually cold winter. However, there are a few things you can do to protect the health of your concrete pavement.

1. Always hire an experienced and trustworthy Houston concrete company to install your new parking lot.
2. Do not subject your parking lot to more numerous or heavier vehicles than your concrete company designed your pavement to support.
3. Call your Houston concrete contractor promptly to repair any damage so that there is less chance of foundation erosion.
4. Keep your concrete parking lot clean through periodic sweeping, power washing, and vehicle fluid removal.

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