What Houston Businesses Should Know About Commercial Asphalt PavingIf you are responsible for a commercial enterprise, you probably understand the importance of the pavements on your property. Your parking lot, walkways, drives, and other pavements are an integral part of providing your visitors with an appropriate environment. However, there are some facts about commercial asphalt paving that may be new to you.

Did You Know That Asphalt Is the Most Popular Commercial Paving Material in America?

According to the latest statistics, more than 94% of all of the nation’s paved areas are asphalt. Thus, when you choose commercial asphalt paving in Houston, you will be choosing a material that has proven its value over a very long period of time.

Do You Know the Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Paving?

Compared to concrete, Houston asphalt paving is more economical to install, and it is also faster. Furthermore, you can place your new pavement into use much sooner, reducing the time you must wait to begin realizing a return on your investment. Although it is true that local commercial asphalt paving needs a bit of routine maintenance to reach its full potential life, an asphalt pavement can have a service life of more than 30 years. In addition, asphalt pavements are quieter, safer, and more aesthetic.

Did You Know That There Are Often Important Differences Between Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving Companies?

Many commercial paving contractors began their careers installing, repairing, or maintaining suburban driveways. One reason for this is that they could often make do with inexpensive equipment and limited staffing. A reputable Houston  asphalt paving company, however, will have invested heavily in the necessary machinery, tools, and equipment to handle large projects efficiently. Their crew members will be properly trained and experienced, and they will know how to execute their tasks in a safe manner. The operative word in this statement is reputable. Unfortunately, a disreputable commercial asphalt paving company can be found nationwide. Be sure to perform your due diligence to ensure that the local commercial asphalt paving contractor you select is trustworthy.

Did You Know That the Best Season for Installing Asphalt Paving Is the Summer?

Many people cringe at the thought of working with hot asphalt during the scorching heat that is common in Houston during the summer months. However, asphalt appreciates it, and it actually sets better in warm weather, typically leading to fewer repairs and a longer life.

Did You Know That Asphalt Paving Is Fully Recyclable?

Every crumb of asphalt paving in Houston can be recycled to produce new materials, including more asphalt paving. In terms of tonnage, more asphalt pavements are recycled in America annually than the combined total of recycled aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic. Recycling commercial asphalt paving helps reduce the demand for new oil, but it also helps reduce the manufacturer’s carbon footprint.

Do You Know That Marathon Solutions Group Is a Highly Respected Houston Asphalt Paving Company?

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