Asphalt Paving Tips for Houston Facility Managers It is rare for Houston facility managers to claim that their workdays are boring or that their jobs are not sufficiently challenging. Instead, most facility managers describe days spent juggling a variety of unrelated tasks while trying to prioritize them. Some tasks must be performed daily or weekly, but others are not required as frequently. One example of the latter is an asphalt paving project.

What Is an Asphalt Paving Project?

If you were to ask a group of facility managers to explain exactly what an asphalt paving project is, you could get several answers. However, the most common answer would likely be that it is the construction of a brand-new pavement, and this is certainly one definition. However, paving companies typically offer other asphalt paving services. Usually, a paving contractor includes resurfacing with asphalt paving services. Paving companies also include the demolition and replacement of existing pavements. Some Houston paving contractors also include certain repairs as asphalt paving services as well. Therefore, in the broadest sense, you could say that asphalt paving in Houston is any procedure that requires the placement and compaction of hot mix asphalt.

What Do Facility Managers Need to Know About Asphalt Paving Projects?

The first thing that all facility managers need to know is that their choice of a Houston asphalt paving company is the primary factor that will determine their satisfaction with the project. Thus, it is important to take your time, perform your due diligence, and base your decision on more than price alone. Here are a few more tips to make your project for asphalt paving in Houston TX go more smoothly.

1. Be prepared to answer the questions that your Houston paving contractor will likely ask. Unless you are hiring a Houston asphalt paving company to build a new pavement, your contractor will have questions about your existing pavement. When was it built? What repairs has it needed? Does it drain properly? How has it been maintained throughout its life? Has its usage changed since it was constructed?
2. Be prepared to ask your Houston paving contractor questions about your pavement’s design if you are installing a new or replacement pavement. How thick do you plan to make the asphalt? Will you install the asphalt on top of an aggregate base? What are the tentative start and completion dates? When will I be able to put my new pavement into service?
3. If you are hiring an asphalt paving company to resurface your existing pavement, you should also ask questions about the process. What is the depth of asphalt you plan to remove? How long will the pavement need to remain closed after resurfacing? How long should my new overlay last?
4. The questions you need to ask your paving contractor will also be different if you need a patch to repair a damaged area. How will you remove the damaged pavement? How much asphalt will you remove? Will the patch be noticeable? How should I maintain the patch? How long should the patch last? Will the patch be flush with the pavement?

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