Is Your Local Houston Asphalt Paving Company Fully Insured?There is definitely not a shortage of Houston asphalt paving contractors. In fact, new companies open their doors regularly, and old companies close down at about the same rate. Sometimes, the owners of the new companies are the same as the old ones. They just changed the company name to escape the bad reputation they earned for inferior work. It is also possible that they reinvented themselves because they did not have insurance to cover a work-related issue. Before you sign a contract for paving services, you need to make sure that the company is appropriately insured. Although there are various types of coverage your contractor might carry, workers’ compensation and general liability are must-haves.

Why Should a Houston Asphalt Paving Company Have a Workers’ Compensation Policy?

Texas is one of the few states that does not require most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, construction contractors that provide their services to government entities or public employers must carry workers’ comp. Most employers voluntarily pay for a workers’ comp policy because it helps protect both the company and its employees. If an employee of your asphalt paving company suffers an injury on your property, the company’s insurance will cover the related expenses. Otherwise, the injured worker could sue you for lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses. Furthermore, a paving company might not carry workers’ comp for one or more of the following reasons.

1. The asphalt company does not hire employees. Instead, it relies on day laborers who may not be experienced or properly trained.
2. The asphalt paving contractor has little regard for the well-being of his employees. Asphalt contractors who do not value their employees may also not value their customers.
3. Some asphalt companies skip workers’ comp insurance because they are struggling financially and need to reduce their overhead. If that is the case, the contractor may take other cost-cutting measures that could negatively impact the quality of your job.

Why Should an Asphalt Paving Company Have a General Liability Policy?

Experienced asphalt paving companies seldom have things go wrong, but when they do, they can sometimes go spectacularly wrong. Someone other than one of the contractor’s employees could suffer an injury. The contractor’s workers could damage the cars in a neighboring company’s parking lot, or they could damage your fence or other structures. A contractor’s general liability insurance would protect you and others from financial losses. Here are some examples of what a general liability policy will cover.

1. Suppose one of your employees, tenants, customers, or guests suffers an injury because of something the paving company did. The company’s insurance company should pay the associated costs.
2. The asphalt company installed your pavement incorrectly, and your new pavement deteriorated in a matter of weeks. The company will have to either file a claim with its insurance company or absorb the expense of redoing the job.
3. One of your contractor’s heavy equipment operators accidentally knocks down a tree that falls on your neighbor’s building. Once more, general liability insurance will cover the damage.

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