Asphalt pavingFive Tips for a Successful Asphalt Paving Project is a great way to obtain a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing pavement quickly. However, before you make your first phone call to a potential contractor, there are a couple of things you should do. Furthermore, before signing a contract for a municipal, commercial, or industrial paving project, you should familiarize yourself with the steps that reputable paving companies typically follow.

What Are Five Tips for Ensuring a Successful Asphalt Paving Project?

The success of your paving project will hinge primarily on the asphalt paving company you hire. However, a successful project is typically the result of steps that you and your Houston asphalt paving contractor take.

1. Determine what you need and want to achieve.
2. Hire the right Houston paving company for your specific needs and wants.
3. Work with your Houston paving contractor to create a plan to install your pavement.
4. Keep the lines of communication open.
5. Ask your Houston asphalt paving company to recommend a schedule for your routine maintenance.

How Do I Determine What I Need and Want My Paving Project to Deliver?

Your starting point should be to take a good look at what you have. If you are building a new pavement, this would involve looking at the site to see what obstacles your Houston paving company might encounter. For example, are there structures that will need to be demolished? Will your asphalt paving company need to perform extensive clearing or grading? Does the surrounding terrain present any obvious issues? If you need an asphalt overlay or a pavement reconstruction, can you see an obvious reason for the deterioration of your existing pavement?

Once you have gone as far as you can, you can decide on your goals. Do you need the cheapest, fastest, temporary solution, or do you want the longest-lasting Houston asphalt paving possible? Do you need your project completed by a specific date, or are you flexible on your schedule? What are the most important qualities that you want your pavement to display? In other words, do you want it to have the maximum longevity, superior aesthetics, or both? What is your budget for your paving project? If your budget is tight, do you think it might be possible to complete your project in phases, perhaps paying for the first phase in December and the second phase in January of the following year? Naturally, you will need to discuss these things with your paving contractor, but having a good idea of what you really need can help you present your priorities in a logical, organized manner.

How Do I Select the Right Asphalt Contractor for My Paving Project?

Not all Houston paving companies are equal. Some companies have more experience, larger staffs, better equipment, different areas of expertise, and better reputations. If you have colleagues or associates who have recently had a project successfully completed, collect the names of the Houston paving companies they used. Otherwise, perform an internet search to find asphalt companies near you. Select at least five contractors, then visit their websites to see what you can learn. You should also perform a search on the name of the asphalt paving company to find potential posts on consumer review sites. The rest of the selection process is pretty much the same as for contractors in other fields. Collect and contact references, verify the asphalt company carries appropriate insurance, and see whether the contractor respects your time, communicates well with you, and treats you or your staff appropriately.

How Should My Houston Asphalt Paving Company and I Create a Project Plan?

Your asphalt contractor will need to be in charge of most of the details related to your project. However, the best contractors will consider your goals and priorities, and they will make an effort to accommodate you. You need to be honest with your contractor, though. For example, if you have a date by which you need your pavement to be accessible, say so, but do not claim that you have a carved-in-stone deadline when one does not exist.

Why Is It Important to Communicate With My Paving Contractor?

As noted above, you need to communicate effectively with your contractor during the planning stages. However, communications are equally important throughout the entire process. As any experienced asphalt paving company knows, not every project goes from start to finish without a hitch. The weather could take a dramatic turn, suppliers could experience delays, or hidden issues on your site could manifest during the project. Your contractor needs to advise you of any problems or delays, but you need to acknowledge and respond to these communications. In other words, neither you nor your contractor should ghost each other.

What Are the Asphalt Paving Services I Might Need After My Installation?

If you want your asphalt pavement to have the longest, most attractive, and healthiest life possible, you will need to give it a little attention.

1. Repair cracks and potholes quickly.
2. Sealcoat your pavement according to the schedule provided by your Houston asphalt paving company.
3. Budget for asphalt resurfacing about every 10 to 12 years.
4. Have oil stains removed quickly, especially while you are waiting for your initial sealcoating application.

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