It's Officially Summer! Let’s Do Some Asphalt Paving, Houston!Summers in Houston are typically hot and humid, with daytime temperatures regularly exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit and average relative humidity levels exceeding 90% most mornings. Newcomers to the area quickly learn that there is an extensive list of things they should not do during a Houston summer. Entries on this list usually relate to sun exposure, dehydration, foodborne illnesses, or heat exhaustion. However, whether you are new to the area or a lifelong resident, one thing that you should do in the summer is schedule your asphalt paving in Houston.

What Is the Primary Reason for Scheduling Paving Houston Projects in the Summer?

The primary reason is the weather. Asphalt paving contractors apply several courses of very hot asphalt to create a pavement, overlay, or patch that has the total thickness required for a successful result. Each course must be compacted before the asphalt cools and becomes too stiff to work.

1. In the summer, Houston asphalt paving workers have more time to rake and compact a course. In some parts of the country with extremely cold winters, asphalt paving contractors severely limit their services or close down completely. Whether the ground or air temperature falls below a certain point, workers may have less than five minutes to complete all tasks involved in the installation of a course. This is simply not enough time to achieve satisfactory results.
2. Hot weather helps keep the asphalt mix pliable while it is en route to the paving location. Heat will also help keep the mix pliable once the truck arrives if the local asphalt paving company cannot unload it immediately.

What Is the Secondary Reason for Scheduling Asphalt Paving Houston Projects in the Summer?

It is common knowledge that the sun rises earlier and sets later in the summer. The extra hours of daylight can make a world of difference to a Houston asphalt paving company.

1. Projects for asphalt paving in Houston TX are often large, complex, or both. Summer offers the opportunity for Houston asphalt paving companies greater flexibility when scheduling jobs. For example, a complex project might require a local asphalt paving company to perform all work before a business opens or after it closes to avoid major disruptions.
2. Trustworthy Houston asphalt paving professionals are always in high demand. Long summer days allow them to complete projects faster so that they can move on to the next job. Therefore, customers will not need to wait as long for their preferred Houston asphalt paving company to serve them.
3. Typically, asphalt paving contractors are responsible for moving their equipment, supplies, and employees between the site and the contractor’s office or yard. Houston asphalt paving professionals refer to this as a mobilization expense. Long workdays can reduce the number of mobilization expenses incurred for a large project.

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