Houston Asphalt Paving Budget Tips!Asphalt is an economical, attractive, and versatile paving material for virtually all types of projects. However, the have the longevity that it should, Houston asphalt paving needs a little help. Unfortunately, many property managers are not sure about the type of help they need to provide, and this can make it extremely difficult to budget correctly for the necessary work.

What Are the Best Procedures for Extending the Longevity of Houston Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt pavements are constructed to serve a specific purpose, and the purpose is directly related to the procedures that will be needed. For example, a walking trail and a parking lot serve two distinctly different purposes, so each may need different procedures, or they may need the same procedures performed at different intervals. That said, the following procedures are recommended by almost every asphalt paving company in the greater Houston area.

1. Install concrete swales.
2. Repair cracks quickly.
3. Sealcoat your asphalt paving.
4. Keep your pavement clean.
5. Patch potholes as soon as they develop.

Why Would a Houston Paving Contractor Recommend Concrete Swales for Asphalt Pavements?

Since asphalt is known to have excellent waterproofing capabilities, it may seem ironic that water is an extremely formidable enemy of asphalt pavements. The main problem with water is that it tends to find a way to get under the surface of the pavement, then trickle down to the foundation and erode it. The foundation becomes too weak and unstable to deliver the support that the pavement needs, so the pavement can develop alligator cracking, sinkholes, and other types of severe damage. At some point, the foundation can become so damaged that asphalt resurfacing is no longer a cost-effective option. Concrete swales are designed to move water away from your pavement so that it can flow safely into storm drains.

Why Are Rapid Crack Repairs Important for Houston Asphalt Paving?

Cracks can trip pedestrians, and they also detract from your property’s aesthetic appeal. In addition, they will continue to expand until they are repaired. However, they also give water easy access to the foundation, which causes the types of damages described in the previous section. Your asphalt paving budget should include having your commercial paving maintenance contractor repair all significant cracks every six months.

Why Is It Important to Sealcoat Asphalt Pavements?

Sealcoating is an economical procedure that is extremely effective at preventing damage from the sun and automotive fluids. If your pavement is new, your parking lot paving contractor probably advised you to sealcoat it as soon as the asphalt cured sufficiently, which normally takes three or four months in the Houston area. After the initial sealcoating, you should budget for fresh applications about every two years unless your paving contractor recommends a different schedule.

Why Would a Houston Paving Contractor Recommend Keeping an Asphalt Pavement Clean?

The first reason is that piles of debris trap water on top of your pavement, and, as you learned earlier, water penetration can inflict serious damage on your pavement’s foundation. The second reason is that the trapped moisture can promote the growth of various spores that can damage your pavement. However, in addition to sweeping your pavement to remove debris, you also need to remove puddles of automotive fluids that vehicles have leaked onto your pavement. Most automotive fluids are petrochemicals, and they interact with the asphalt binder in your pavement, leaving the spot crumbly and soft. Most pavements need to be swept at least once a week, and automotive fluids should be cleaned up at least every six or seven months.

Why Is It Important to Repair Potholes in Asphalt Pavements Quickly?

The rapid repair of potholes is important for all of the following reasons.

1. Potholes increase the likelihood of water infiltration.
2. People who suffer an injury or vehicle damage could sue you.
3. Potholes have a tendency to expand quickly, spawning more potholes or very deep cracks.
4. Whether they are driving or walking across your pavement, the water that collects in a pothole can annoy your customers.
5. Potholes in accessible parking spaces or accessible routes could leave you in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, potentially exposing you to fines.

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