theromplastic markings houston, tx. thermoplastic striping marathon solutions, striping contractor houstonSometimes, it feels as if marketing professionals believe that describing something as innovation will automatically entice buyers to open their wallets. Occasionally, something genuinely innovative appears, however, such as the use of thermoplastics for Houston parking lot striping and road markings. Thermoplastics are a class of polymers that melt when heated, then quickly solidify as they cool.

What Can You Do With Thermoplastic Markings?

The types of thermoplastic markings are virtually unlimited. Do you want to use thermoplastic for your parking lot restriping? Perhaps you need to mark the centerline, shoulders, and lanes on a heavily traveled boulevard. Do you need arrows to direct the flow of traffic, identify ADA-compliant parking spaces, or mark pedestrian crosswalks? Maybe you want to identify fire lanes, school zones, no-parking areas, or loading zones. Do you want to designate parking spaces that are reserved for your employee of the month, job applicants, or key executives? You can use thermoplastic for all of these markings as well as many others not listed above. You can even create custom markings to display your company name and logo on your pavement.

Why Would I Want to Choose Thermoplastic Striping and Marking Instead of Paint?

Thermoplastic line striping and pavement markings provide several benefits over even the best pavement paints currently available. Here are a few of the most important benefits.

1. Thermoplastic pavement markings offer greater visibility than paint. The colors are more vibrant, and the beads in the thermoplastic material offer excellent reflectivity. Furthermore, these reflective beads are contained throughout the material; with paint, the beads are typically limited to just the top layer of paint, so they can be worn away in a relatively short time.
2. Thermoplastic can last five or six times as long as paint. Therefore, although your initial cost might be a little more, you will make up the difference over the life of your thermoplastic striping and markings. Reducing closures to have fresh paint applied can lead to happier drivers, customers, and employees.
3. It is extremely difficult to damage thermoplastic pavement markings. They shrug off the weather, petrochemicals, and impacts, and they are highly resistant to abrasion and will not chip or crack.
4. Thermoplastic pavement markings are quick to apply, reducing the time that pavements will need to be closed. Since they are not a liquid, cars can drive over them within minutes without tracking paint all over your pavement.

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