can asphalt paving be done in the rainAsphalt is the ideal paving choice for parking lots, streets, jogging trails, and virtually every other type of pavement. Compared to a concrete pavement of similar size, an asphalt pavement is less expensive and faster to install, but the asphalt pavement will typically be safer, more aesthetic, and cost-effective to maintain and repair. One question that contractors are frequently asked is whether asphalt paving can be done in the rain.

Can My Contractor Complete My Asphalt Paving Project in the Rain?

The short answer to that question is that a Houston paving contractor will not install new asphalt or an asphalt overlay in the rain. The longer answer is that an asphalt paving company will likely refuse to start a new project in the rain, and a project that is already underway when the rain begins to fall may need to be delayed. However, a brief shower may not result in a postponement if the precipitation is extremely light. In most cases, though, paving contractors will not start a project on a day for which rain is forecast, and asphalt companies in Houston are also reluctant to start a paving project until the ground has had time to dry after a heavy rain.

What Is the Problem With Performing Asphalt Paving in the Rain?

Asphalt contains oils that are excellent at repelling water. Once the pavement has had time to cure, it will be able to shed water easily. However, until the curing process is complete, the act of repelling water results in the oils rising to the surface of the pavement. Depending on the intensity of the storm, the amount of curing that has occurred prior to the rain, and the duration of the rainfall, the pavement can be left with pits, holes, or cracks that can rapidly develop into potholes. Even if the rain has stopped, asphalt that is installed on saturated ground can develop depressions known as birdbaths, alligator cracking, and other types of damage. Therefore, due to concerns about the quality of the finished pavement, virtually no reputable asphalt contractor will install an asphalt pavement if rain is falling or has recently fallen.

How Long Should a Houston Asphalt Contractor Wait After It Rains Before Constructing an Asphalt Pavement?

That depends on how hot it is, how much rain fell, and what type of paving project you need. Paving contractors can usually install an asphalt overlay as soon as the existing pavement is dry. If the weather is hot or the rain light, this could take a few hours, but cooler temperatures or heavier rainfalls could result in a longer delay. If the pavement is a new construction project, the issue becomes a bit more complicated. Asphalt should only be installed on a strong, stable subsoil so that the asphalt paving company can compact the mix properly; improper compaction is a leading cause of premature deterioration or pavement failure. If a heavy rain has fallen, the subsoil could have been thoroughly saturated, which makes it soft and unstable. Depending on how many inches of rain fell, the length of time the rain persisted, the type of soil at the site, and other factors, it could take several days before the ground is completely dry and suitable for paving. Paving contractors evaluate each situation independently, so your contractor is the best source of information on how long your project might be delayed if it rains heavily just before your job is scheduled to begin.

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