What Is a Concrete Slab Replacement? People have numerous reasons for choosing concrete pavements. When installed properly, concrete can support extremely heavy loads without cracking, and a well-engineered concrete pavement can last over 50 years. Modern concrete can be stamped or stained to create unique pavements, but it is also very attractive when left in its natural state. Concrete pavements require almost no maintenance, but they may occasionally need a concrete slab replacement or two replaced.

What Is a Concrete Slab Replacement?

If you examine a typical concrete parking lot or city sidewalk, you will notice that it consists of squares or rectangles of pavement that each have a distinct boundary. These are concrete slabs. Although they are connected, each concrete slab in Houston can be individually removed and replaced with new concrete. This is what a Houston concrete slab company refers to as a slab replacement.

What Might Make It Necessary to Replace a Concrete Slab?

A concrete slab in Houston is often subjected to heavy traffic in terms of both weight and volume. If the concrete slab company installing the pavement did not properly account for the traffic, or if the traffic changed substantially after installation, one or more slabs could break. However, contractors who offer concrete slab services usually find that the culprit is one or more of the following.

1. A Houston concrete slab can sink, leaving it at a lower height than the slabs adjoining it. Concrete slab companies refer to this as subsidence, and there can be several causes. For example, it is not uncommon for a concrete slab company in Houston to discover that the ground beneath the slab has simply settled over time. Lowering the water table beneath the slab can also cause it to subside. Although there are concrete slab services that can sometimes lift the slab to return it to its proper height, it is usually better to replace it so that underlying issues can be addressed.
2. A Houston concrete slab can move out of its original position. If the movement is horizontal, a Houston concrete slab company typically refers to it as a misaligned slab. If the slab rises above its neighbors, it is said to be uplifted. The most common cause of a misaligned or uplifted concrete slab in Houston is pressure from the roots of a nearby tree. If the roots exert pressure on the side of the slab, a misalignment can occur. Roots beneath the slab can lead to an uplift. Most concrete slab companies agree that the only effective way to make the pavement safe again is to replace misaligned or uplifted slabs.
3. A concrete slab in Houston can also suffer damage from other sources. Spills of corrosive chemicals can cause pitting or spalling in a relatively short time. Downspouts that send water gushing directly onto the concrete can also inflict damage, but it usually takes several years for the damage to become obvious.

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