Why Should I Schedule Ongoing Maintenance With a Houston Paving Company?One simple fact of life is that virtually everything lasts longer and performs more efficiently if given routine maintenance. Changing the filters in your HVAC system helps it operate more efficiently and improves the quality of the air circulating through your building. Rotating your tires and maintaining them at the proper pressure results in a smoother ride and a longer life for the tires, but it can also make your vehicle safer to operate. There are many other examples that illustrate the purpose and value of ongoing maintenance. Nevertheless, many people fail to appreciate the importance of pavement maintenance from a reputable Houston paving company.

What Are the Essential Benefits of Asking a Houston Paving Company to Provide Ongoing Maintenance?

Although there are dozens of possible benefits that ongoing maintenance from a local Houston paving company could deliver, here are the most important ones.

1. Scheduling ongoing maintenance with a paving company in Houston can save you money. You may need your paving company to make an occasional repair, but routine maintenance can decrease the number of repairs as well as their cost. In addition, you will not need to call a paving company in Houston to rebuild your pavement halfway through its expected life.
2. Experienced Houston paving contractors know how to help customers comply with municipal building codes, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and local fire codes. As a result, you are far less likely to incur a fine for failure to comply with all relevant regulations.
3. The best paving companies understand the importance of curb appeal for commercial properties. Whether their goal is to attract customers or tenants, protect their image, or impress others with their sense of aesthetics, trustworthy paving contractors can help their clients make it happen.
4. A local Houston paving company understands the need to ensure that your property provides a safe environment. Having people fall or damage their cars due to the poor condition of your pavement is no way to encourage them to make a return visit to your business. Houston paving companies also understand the role that the area’s volatile weather can play in the safety of local pavements, so they can help you make avoid potential weather-related hazards.

What Maintenance Services Should I Schedule With a Houston Paving Company?

Every pavement can need slightly different services, and not all of them will require those services at the same intervals. However, a paving company in Houston will usually recommend all or most of the following pavement maintenance services.

1. Crack Repairs: Paving contractors usually place crack repairs at the top of their list of the most essential maintenance services. When caught early, it is normally very economical to have a paving company seal or fill cracks. It will be an entirely different situation if cracks are left unrepaired for too long; water will trickle through the structure, eroding the foundation and making it too weak to support the pavement. In most cases, Houston paving companies recommend identifying and repairing significant cracks yearly.
2. Asphalt Sealcoating: Although many paving contractors consider crack repairs as the most essential maintenance service, asphalt sealcoating is an extremely close competitor. In fact, some Houston paving contractors insist that since sealcoating should never be applied without first repairing cracks, and since sealcoating helps prevent cracks from forming in the first place, it deserves to be given the highest ranking. Regardless of whether your paving company in Houston ranks it first or second, asphalt sealcoating is an extremely economical and very effective way to protect pavements against damage, improve their safety, and enhance their appearance. You will need to ask your contractor to recommend the right schedule for your pavement. Generally, paving companies recommend sealcoating new asphalt three to nine months after its installation. Typically, busy parking lots need subsequent applications every 18 to 24 months, but parking lots that do not have much traffic could potentially go three years or longer between treatments.
3. Pavement Markings: From lines to define parking spaces to lines that separate the lanes on streets and highways, pavement markings are important safety features. To be effective, pavement markings must be easily identifiable and clearly visible. Houston paving contractors usually find that painted markings have a life of around two years in parking lots, but road markings may need to be repainted in less than a year. Thermoplastic markings can last up to eight years, which can often make them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

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