Five Reasons Why Parking Lot Maintenance Should Be in Your Houston BudgetRegardless of the type of business you own or manage, your parking lot is one of your most important investments. A parking lot is supposed to help you succeed in your endeavor, but it can actually work against you if you neglect your parking lot maintenance. There are five critical reasons to budget for the maintenance of your parking lot. You can classify them under the broad headings of safety, reputation, compliance, liability, and savings.

Why Is Parking Lot Maintenance Important for Safety?

Think about who uses your parking lot. A typical Houston parking lot supports motorcycles, passenger vehicles, bicycles, and trucks. There will also be pedestrian traffic. Obstacles, including open cracks and potholes, can trip pedestrians, launch cyclists from their bikes, or damage vehicle tires or alignment. Furthermore, without highly visible stripes and markings, drivers may become confused about where to park or how to navigate your lot. They could park in such a way that pedestrians cannot take the safest route, or they could park so close to a neighboring vehicle that they dent the door on the other car. A reputable Houston parking lot maintenance contractor can help you identify and correct all safety issues.

How Does Parking Lot Maintenance in Houston Affect My Reputation?

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, what is your opinion of a next-door neighbor who allows trash to accumulate in the front yard, only mows if cited, or has extensive rutting from parking on their lawn? Now assume that you have never met your neighbors or been inside their house. Would you expect the home’s interior to be similarly neglected? It may be unfair, but people form perceptions based on appearances alone. If you neglect your local parking lot maintenance, everyone who drives by your operation will likely have a negative impression. You risk being perceived as offering subpar goods or services, being unconcerned about their comfort and safety, or suffering from financial problems. Potential employees, customers, or tenants may never give you an opportunity to dispel their beliefs.

How Does Parking Lot Maintenance Help Address Compliance Issues?

When you think about compliance issues, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is true that an ADA-compliant parking lot is critical, but there are other regulations with which you must comply. For example, your county or town may have building or fire codes that affect your parking lot. Depending on the nature of your business, you may also be subject to OSHA regulations. Furthermore, it is important to remember that laws, codes, and regulations can change periodically. Parking lot maintenance companies have an in-depth understanding of all relevant regulations and laws, and they stay abreast of any changes.

How Can a Parking Lot Maintenance Company Help With Potential Liabilities?

People who are injured in your parking lot, or whose vehicles are damaged, can demand that you compensate them for their financial loss. If you do not do so willingly, they could file a lawsuit against you. However, even if no one suffers property damage or injury, you could still incur fines if your parking lot does not comply with all applicable regulations. An experienced parking lot maintenance company can suggest ways to shield yourself from potential liabilities related to your lot.

How Does Parking Lot Maintenance Save Money?

Depending on the type and volume of traffic, an asphalt parking lot typically has a life expectancy of 15 to 25 years. However, without parking lot maintenance in Houston, the entire pavement may need to be reconstructed in less than 10 years. Avoiding premature replacement of your pavement is one way that parking lot maintenance services can save you money, but it is not the only way. In fact, studies have proven that every dollar spent on local parking lot maintenance will save between $4 and $10 in the future.

1. Proactive parking lot maintenance will help reduce the likelihood of severe cracking, so you will spend less on crack repairs.
2. Once significant cracks appear and go without repair, potholes will probably develop within a short period of time. Potholes are more expensive to repair than cracks.
3. Next, if you still neglect your Houston parking lot maintenance, you can expect alligator cracking to occur. Alligator cracking is almost always a sign that water has damaged the pavement’s supporting foundation, and foundation repairs are even more costly than pothole repairs.

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