Help Keep Your Facility Safe During Asphalt Paving Repairs Whether they are maintaining, repairing, or installing an asphalt pavement, your contractor’s workers are exposed to a potentially hazardous environment. You might think that it is just the asphalt company’s workers who are at potential risk, but you would be wrong. Your employees as well as contractors plying their trade at your facility could also be exposed to hazards related to asphalt paving repairs. While the asphalt professional you hire should do the heavy lifting to ensure a safe environment, there are some steps that you can take to enhance your contractor’s efforts. To offer the maximum protection, you should familiarize yourself with the potential risks, enact the proper safety measures, and offer additional support whenever possible.

What Are the Potential Risks Involved With Asphalt Paving Repairs?

Asphalt repairs can produce dust that could cause or worsen respiratory issues if inhaled in sufficient quantities. Houston asphalt repair workers must also use various tools and equipment that could be dangerous if they are not used correctly. Furthermore, many types of heavy machinery used for asphalt repairs in Houston produce enough noise to potentially cause hearing damage.

What Safety Measures Should Facility Managers Enact When Asphalt Paving Repairs Are Needed?

Ensuring workplace safety during an asphalt repair in Houston requires you to be proactive about the issue.
1. The first thing you can do is to provide the occupants of your facility with the proper personal protective equipment. Masks or respirators can limit the amount of dust that people inhale. For employees who must work in close proximity to the asphalt repair operation, you might want to provide goggles and disposable suits to protect their eyes and skin. Ear protection equipment can help prevent the negative effects of exposure to high-decibel noise.
2. Be generous with your communications. The more that the people using your facility know about your pending and active asphalt repairs, the better. Use internal communication methods or post signs to notify people of the date your asphalt repair company plans to begin work. You should also give them some idea of how long the asphalt repairs will take and the areas that will be affected. Let people know where they can collect any PPE they need, and be sure to inform them of the benefits of wearing the protective equipment. You will also need to communicate information about where people will need to park as well as any changes to the driving or walking routes.

What Additional Support May Be Needed During Asphalt Repairs in Houston?

Construction sites can pose risks that people may not easily identify, and this is as true for an asphalt patching operation as it does for a building project.

1. Inadequate lighting is a common cause of falls, trips, and similar accidents. If necessary, enhance the lighting in the work area by providing temporary lighting.
2. Create a physical barrier to separate the work area from its surroundings. Fences and guard rails are popular choices for local asphalt repairs that involve sizable areas. Barricades, cones, and barrels are more common, however, as they are quick and easy to erect, reposition, and remove.
3. Make sure that the site drains properly. Puddles of water can have a detrimental effect on a Houston asphalt repair. If the water penetrates to the foundation of the pavement, you may soon need additional asphalt repairs. Furthermore, water that flows onto the pavement beyond the work area could pose a risk to pedestrians and drivers.

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