How Houston Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance In some industries, statistics, logic, and provable facts are the primary influencers of potential customers. However, in the hotel industry, the perceptions formed by potential and current guests can make or break a property. Suppose a staff member is perceived as rude or unhelpful. In that case, your on-site restaurant is perceived as overpriced for the quality of the food, or your rooms are perceived as uninviting, guests may leave early, post unflattering online reviews, or boycott your entire chain. Before they cross your threshold, however, potential guests are evaluating your property’s overall curb appeal. If you have neglected your paving maintenance, your parking lot may be perceived as an accurate representation of the care you have given your interior spaces. Potential guests may drive away if your parking lot seems unsafe, dilapidated, or poorly designed. Taking care of your parking lot can help you encourage potential guests to enter your lobby and current guests to book return visits.

How Houston Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance

What Is Parking Lot Maintenance?

Asphalt companies typically categorize several procedures as routine maintenance. Some of these procedures are designed to prevent damage to your asphalt pavement, but some also deliver cosmetic benefits. These procedures include asphalt sealcoating, which will prevent your pavement from drying out and turning brittle due to the sun’s harmful effects. Filling or sealing cracks in the pavement can avoid damage to the foundation from water erosion and the expansion of existing cracks, the formation of new cracks, and the development of potholes. Promptly removing puddles of oil or other chemicals that vehicles have leaked can prolong the life of your sealcoating, but it can also help protect your pavement; petrochemicals destroy the binding agents in asphalt pavement, leaving soft spots that are highly prone to damage. High-quality sealcoats are also cosmetic treatments that give asphalt pavements a smooth, even, dark appearance that enhances the appearance of your lot striping and pavement markings. Including periodic striping and marking in your asphalt maintenance plan can make things safer for pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists.

How Often Should Paving Maintenance Procedures Be Performed?

The frequency and type of procedures will depend on your specific parking lot’s usage and overall condition. However, asphalt companies in the Houston area generally recommend that customers make crack repairs every spring and autumn, sealcoat and apply parking lot striping and markings every two years, and repair potholes immediately. Keeping your parking lot clean can also help you attract guests, protect your pavement, and reduce your potential liabilities. Remove piles of dead leaves, grass clippings, paper, and cardboard trash, broken glass, and other debris regularly.

Marathon Solutions Group Understands the Importance of Your Hotel’s Parking Lot

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