Houston Concrete Slab Installation - 6 Steps from Start to FInishConcrete slabs are one of the most popular forms of flatwork. Houston concrete slab installation can result in ultra-durable sidewalks, commercial pavement, industrial flooring, and more. Concrete is an inherently strong material. When used in slabs, it creates a resilient surface that easily withstands the elements with very little maintenance.

If you’re considering hiring a Houston concrete company for your next project, here’s what you can expect during slab installation.

Do Houston Concrete Companies Take Time to Prepare the Site?

Excavation and site prep are crucial in the Houston concrete slab installation process. While concrete is resilient, they’re not immune to damage. Improper site prep could lead to uneven settling, crack formation and structural integrity issues.

Concrete slab companies typically begin projects by excavating the site. They remove debris, plants, tree roots and more. Then, they grade the area to give the concrete a stable foundation with proper drainage.

Why Does Houston Concrete Slab Installation Require Forms?

Concrete slab installation hinges on quality form construction. Concrete begins as a wet mix. It’s a vicious substance comprised of cement, sand, water and other additives. Forms are necessary to hold the wet concrete in place as the material cures.

Your concrete slab in Houston will take on the form’s shape, so concrete slab companies take extra time to build forms that meet your exact specifications. Usually, forms are constructed out of wood. Depending on your project’s engineering, they may include additional features like built-in expansion and control joints.

Why Does My Concrete Slab in Houston Need Reinforcements?

Another integral piece of the concrete slab installation puzzle is reinforcements. The type of reinforcement your concrete slab project requires will depend on site conditions and its purpose. However, Houston concrete companies usually incorporate steel rebar or concrete mesh.

These additions help improve the structural integrity of the concrete slab. They provide additional strength. Placement is crucial, and your Houston concrete company will install reinforcements according to engineering specifications.

How Does the Quality of the Concrete Mix Affect the Final Concrete Slab?

Once the forms are ready, the next phase of concrete slab installation is preparing and pouring the mix. Concrete is a mix of various cementitious materials. What ingredients your Houston concrete company uses and how much of them they use in the formula will affect your slab’s strength.

Once again, contractors typically refer to engineering specifications to prepare a mix that benefits your needs.

How Do Houston Concrete Companies Pour and Finish Material?

Pouring is a relatively straightforward process. How Houston concrete companies get the mix to the forms depends on location. Sometimes, they can pump it directly from the mixer truck. Other times, they may use wheelbarrows to bring it in.

Whatever the case, teams fill the form with the wet mix. Then, they’ll use various tools to remove air bubbles and create a smooth finish. Depending on your needs, Houston concrete companies may trowel the material smooth or apply a textured brush finish for better traction.

Does Concrete Need Time to Cure?

Your concrete slab in Houston will need time to cure. In average conditions, slabs usually need upwards of 48 hours to become hard enough for walking. The material will continue to cure over a month, but contractors pay special attention to the initial cure period.

Curing is a complex process. The concrete can’t cure too fast or too slow. Otherwise, it can crack prematurely. To get things right, your contractor may apply curing compounds, cover the slab or hydrate it with water.

Once the slab is hard enough to walk on, your Houston concrete company can remove the forms to unveil your new slab!

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