How To Stay On Time and Within Budget With Your Houston Asphalt Paving CompanyWhether you are the owner or manager of a commercial enterprise, you know how important it is to stay within your budget. You also understand the importance of sticking to a schedule. You expect staff members to show up at their appointed time, you make appointments to avoid unnecessary interruptions, and you expect suppliers to deliver your orders on time. When you are working with a Houston asphalt paving company, there is no need to lower your expectations when it comes to schedules and budgets. However, your contractor will be far more likely to meet your expectations if you participate in the project. Both you and your contractor will need to answer a few important questions.

Do I Know What I Want My Houston Asphalt Paving Company to Do?

Most Houston asphalt paving companies offer a variety of services. If you have been proactive about inspecting and maintaining your pavement, you should have a general idea of what services you probably need. Do you need an asphalt paving company to patch potholes in your parking lot? Do you need new asphalt paving in Houston to extend your parking lot onto undeveloped land that you recently acquired? Is your current pavement old and tired, but it has a relatively undamaged foundation that might make resurfacing a viable option? Having a concept of what work you need your contractor to perform allows you to contact only asphalt paving companies that offer the services you need.

Have I Budgeted Properly for the Services of a Houston Asphalt Paving Company?

Budgets for asphalt paving in Houston vary substantially among businesses. Some companies only include a small budget for routine maintenance and an occasional repair. Other companies have funds in reserve accounts that can be reallocated to pay for your Houston asphalt paving services. Determine precisely how much money you have in your budget, then consider how you might be able to cover any shortage. For example, if you have a large parking lot that needs to be resurfaced, you could ask your asphalt paving company to resurface half of it this year and half next year. Depending on your corporate policies, you might be able to request additional funds, or your project might qualify as a capital improvement.

How Much Leeway Can I Give My Houston Asphalt Paving Company in Scheduling?

First of all, if you have a firm date by which you need your Houston asphalt paving project to start or end, you need to communicate this information during your preliminary discussions. Houston asphalt paving companies tend to be very busy at certain times of the year, so your contractor may not be able to start your work within a day or two of your first phone call. Similarly, the most intricate schedule for asphalt paving in Houston can be disrupted by severe weather. Typically, experienced asphalt paving companies will provide a tentative schedule that may or may not be followed to the letter.

How Do I Determine Which Houston Asphalt Paving Company to Select for My Project?

Whether you need landscaping, HVAC equipment installation, painting, or any other service, you need to interview several contractors to determine the best company for your specific circumstances. Selecting an asphalt paving company is no different.

1. Ask contractors how long they have been handling projects for asphalt paving in Houston.
2. Ask each asphalt paving company how much experience it has with projects of a similar size and scope to your own.
3. Obtain a list of references from your Houston asphalt paving contractor. Be sure to contact these references to ask pertinent questions.
4. Do not base your decision on price alone. Any quote that is significantly higher or lower than the rest could indicate that the contractor did not fully understand the nature of your project.

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