Do You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor? | Houston, TX, asphalt paving,Whether you are looking for an asphalt contractor to resurface a street in your gated community, perform your pavement striping, or sealcoat your parking lot, it is important to select a contractor you can trust. You need a contractor who is willing to keep you advised about the status of your job, able to explain every step in the process in unambiguous terms, and respectful of your time, intelligence, and goals. However, these are just the initial qualifications you should seek. To make sure that you hire a trustworthy contractor, you should dig a bit deeper.

How Long Has the Contractor Been in Business?

Hands-on experience counts, but so does the ability to manage a business successfully. Find out how long the contractor has been running his own company. You should also determine how long the contractor has been operating under the same name. Some contractors will close a company and open another one under a different name to escape a bad reputation.

How Experienced Is the Contractor in the Type of Asphalt Work You Need?

You want a contractor with experience in the type and scope of your project. For example, performing parking lot maintenance on a lot that covers 100 acres is not the same as filling two or three cracks in a residential driveway. Similarly, asphalt resurfacing jobs on busy city streets, small parking lots, and suburban driveways can have some important differences when it comes to traffic control, equipment, and scheduling.

Is the Contractor Properly Insured?

The contractor you select should be willing and able to provide you with proof of valid insurance. At the very least, he should carry a workers’ compensation policy that covers all of his employees who will be working on your property, a general liability policy with coverage of $500,000 or more, and the appropriate type of vehicle liability insurance.

Will the Contractor Provide a Written Quote?

Before asking you to sign a contract or put down a deposit, a trustworthy contractor will provide you with a written quote and sufficient time for you to review it. The quote should detail the types and amounts of all materials, the precise services to be performed, the labor costs, the square feet or linear footage involved, and the expected start and completion dates.

Does the Contractor Have References You Can Contact?

An asphalt paving company Houston customers can trust will have no problem providing you with references involving prior projects of a similar nature and scope to your own. Be sure to contact these references. One important question you should ask all references is whether they would hire the same contractor to perform additional work. Ask questions about the contractor’s professionalism, the quality of the work his crew delivered, and the condition and dependability of the equipment he used.

Is There a Shortcut to Finding a Trustworthy Asphalt Contractor?

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