When Is It Too Cold To Place Concrete in Houston?  When expertly installed, concrete can last for decades with very little maintenance. Contractors must evaluate a number of factors when planning a concrete installation project, one of which is the temperature. Because the winters in Houston are typically quite mild, people are sometimes surprised to learn that there are times when it is too cold to install concrete in Houston.

Why Does the Temperature Matter When Installing Concrete in Houston?

There are two things to know about concrete mix. The first is that every concrete mix contains water. The second is that a concrete construction does not set and cure by evaporating that water. Instead, a chemical reaction between the water and the cement. If the temperature is too cold, this reaction can slow or even come to a virtual stop.

Just How Cold Is Too Cold for Pouring Concrete?

It really does not matter whether they are pouring concrete in Houston TX, New York City, or Los Angeles; the weather-related parameters for concrete construction are the same. At the time that the concrete mix is placed, the temperature needs to be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and a temperature range of 50 to 60 degrees is better. Overnight temperatures should not fall below freezing until the curing process is substantially complete. However, if the temperature is borderline, Houston concrete companies can employ techniques to keep the concrete mix sufficiently warm. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find contractors installing concrete in Texas on virtually any given day throughout the winter.

If a Houston Concrete Company Installs Concrete When the Temperature Is Too Cold, What Can Happen?

The curing rate of concrete depends on the temperature, so the best you can hope for is that you will need to allow more time before putting your new concrete construction into use. If uncured concrete in Houston TX is exposed to freezing temperatures, the water in the concrete mix will likely freeze and expand. The concrete will crack, and its strength and longevity will be diminished.

What Steps Can Houston Concrete Companies Take to Ensure Better Results When Pouring in Cold Weather?

The precise steps will depend on the several factors, including the concrete thickness, the type of concrete mix used, and whether the installation is interior or exterior.

1. If the concrete is being installed inside a climate-controlled building, a Houston concrete company may not need to take any additional steps.
2. Contractors can place insulated blankets over fresh concrete in Houston TX to help it retain its heat.
3. Accelerants can be incorporated into the mix to expedite the curing process.
4. For freshly poured exterior concrete, a Houston concrete company might erect a tent or other structure, then use portable heaters to raise the temperature.
5. Houston concrete companies can prepare the mix a little differently for cold-weather pours than hot-weather pours. Adding additional cement and using hot water to prepare the mix are two strategies.
6. Prior to starting a cold-weather pour, the Houston concrete company should store concrete bags and other materials in a warm, dry location. Wet or cold concrete bags can have a detrimental impact on the curing process.

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