Asphalt Resurfacing: What Is Edge Milling?Edge milling is a specialized method of removing a precise amount of an existing asphalt pavement as part of installing an overlay. Overlaying, which is also known as resurfacing, is the application of layers of new asphalt on top of an existing pavement. To better understand the definition and importance of edge milling, it might be useful to explore asphalt resurfacing in greater detail.

How Do Commercial Paving Contractors Perform Asphalt Resurfacing?

Your Houston asphalt contractor will probably start by cleaning your pavement thoroughly to reveal any hidden damage that could affect the quality of the overlay. If necessary, crack sealing, pothole patching, and other asphalt paving services will be completed next. The paving companies Houston clients trust the most will prime any spots that might present problems bonding with the overlay. A predetermined depth of asphalt will be ground away; when paving Houston overlays, most contractors use a milling machine for the grinding. After milling, the pavement may need to be cleaned again. Depending on the project and the paving contractor, a tack coat may be applied at this point. Next, the required number of asphalt layers will be placed and compacted to restore the pavement to its original elevation.

What Is Edge Milling, and Why Is It Important for a Successful Asphalt Resurfacing Project?

Edge milling is a special technique that is used near curbs and gutters, at pavement transitions, and around manhole covers and other features. It ensures that all features, curbs, and transitions are kept at their appropriate elevations. Without edge milling, manhole covers and other metal features will usually end up recessed into the pavement, posing potential tripping hazards and jarring the occupants in vehicles that strike them. Pavement transitions will be rough and annoying, and the uneven transitions can trip a pedestrian or unseat a cyclist. If your curbs are a standard six inches in height, they could lose as much as half of their height without edge milling. The capacity of your gutters could also be reduced by more than one-third. Curb ramps, which must meet certain ADA requirements for transitions, slope, and size, may no longer comply with the law, leaving you to pay to have them rebuilt to bring them into compliance. Furthermore, in places where an asphalt pavement adjoins concrete, elevation issues can allow water to collect around the edges, placing both pavements at greater risk of water infiltration. Paving companies Houston property managers and owners can trust will almost always recommend edge milling when installing an asphalt overlay.

Why Is Marathon Solutions Group the Right Paving Contractor to Choose for Asphalt Overlays?

Marathon Solutions has the experience to resurface pavements of all sizes and complexities. Our asphalt paving services include paving and resurfacing, asphalt milling, repairing, and sealcoating. We also offer bollard installations, parking lot striping, line removal, thermoplastic markings, parking lot signs, concrete repairs, and concrete installation. We have built an impeccable reputation by delivering high-quality work and unparalleled customer service with professionalism and integrity. If you will send us your information, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote. You can email, fill out the online request form, or call 800-879-1147 to provide us with the pertinent information.