How To Maintain a New Asphalt Paving Surface, houston asphalt paving Choosing new asphalt paving is virtually always the wisest decision that any business or city can make. The cost is economical, the installation is fast, and the resulting pavement is durable and attractive. However, you should keep in mind that your new pavement is a bit delicate until it has had time to cure sufficiently. The care and attention you give your new pavement now can impact its performance later.

How To Maintain a New Asphalt Paving Surface

What Kind of Care Does New Asphalt Paving Need During Its First Few Days?

The main thing that asphalt companies stress when advising customers about caring for their new pavement is that no vehicles should be given access to the pavement for a minimum of 24 hours. Under certain circumstances, your Houston paving contractor may recommend that you wait another day or two. Even if your asphalt paving company did not insist on waiting more than one day, it is better to give it as long as you possibly can to allow it additional time for curing. You will probably be able to allow foot traffic sooner than you can allow vehicle traffic, but you will need to confirm the delay time with your paving company.

What Kind of Care Does New Asphalt Paving Need During Its First Few Weeks?

There are a few things that paving contractors typically recommend for asphalt pavements of all ages, but the potential for damage is even greater while the pavement is still curing. Do not leave heavy, stationary objects on the pavement longer than a few days. This includes pallets, RVs, trailers, and cars. Do not let traffic that is heavier or more plentiful than your paving company engineered your pavement to bear. To the best of your ability, do not allow drivers to operate their vehicles irresponsibly; spinning out, drag racing, excessively hard braking, and burning out can damage your pavement.

What Kind of Care Does a New Asphalt Pavement Need During Its First Few Months?

Be proactive about keeping your pavement as clean as possible. Have a parking lot maintenance company sweep your pavement periodically to remove trash, dead leaves, grass clippings, gravel, mud, and other debris. Remove leaked automotive fluids promptly, especially during the months prior to sealcoating. Have a contractor sealcoat your pavement as soon as you have waited for the time specified by your asphalt paving company. In the Houston area, the delay is usually between three and six months, but you should never wait more than 12 months. Pay careful attention to your pavement so that you can quickly identify any cracks, slippage, or holes. If you find evidence of damage, take action quickly. Call a Houston paving contractor or parking lot maintenance company to resolve the issues. Watch out for drainage issues. Make sure that the grates over your drains or catch basin are not clogged, and check to ensure that water can flow freely through the gutters. If you notice depressions in the pavement that retain water longer than the rest of the pavement, call a parking lot maintenance or an asphalt paving company for assistance.

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