Why Asphalt Milling May Be Your Best Option for Houston Parking LotsParking lots are valuable capital assets that provide critical benefits to any type of public or private enterprise. A worn-out parking lot is not going to help you attract residents, customers, tenants, clients, guests, or even employees if they consider it unsafe or neglected. When they see your parking lot, people can form an instant perception of your entire operation. Right or wrong, they judge your attention to detail, your commitment to their comfort and convenience, and the quality of what you offer. If your current parking lot is on its last legs, you may be considering your options for replacing it. However, you might not realize that you may not need to completely rebuild it. Instead, you may be able to achieve your goals with a process paving contractors refer to as asphalt milling.

What Is Asphalt Milling?

Houston asphalt milling contractors use a machine that is equipped with a spiked, rotating drum to grind away a predetermined depth of pavement. Typically, milling companies mill a pavement prior to resurfacing it, but there are other uses for local asphalt milling machines. For example, some property owners have an asphalt milling company cut rumble strips in key locations within their parking lot to help reduce speeding or alert drivers of an upcoming crosswalk, public road, or stop sign.

What Are the Advantages of Milling for Houston Parking Lots?

Since most local asphalt milling projects are related to resurfacing, the following list of benefits focuses on those.

1. Asphalt milling parking lots can be highly cost-effective. Essentially, you get the appearance and drivability of a brand-new pavement at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, a resurfaced pavement can often have a comparable life expectancy.
2. Asphalt milling in Houston is fast. It takes time to demolish an asphalt pavement and haul away the debris. The subgrade and base layers must be prepared before the first course of asphalt can be placed. Contractors typically need to remove just two or three inches of pavement to resurface Houston parking lots. Therefore, it is not necessary to deal with the subgrade and base. In addition, since the total thickness of the asphalt is normally thinner, resurfaced Houston parking lots can often be ready for vehicles after just two or three days.
3. Houston asphalt milling can resolve a variety of problems with your parking lot. Potholes and cracks are common problems that an asphalt milling company may be able to resolve. However, local asphalt milling contractors often address bumps or depressions in the pavement as well as damage from car fires or accidents.

Is Asphalt Milling Appropriate for All Houston Parking Lots?

Although it is possible to mill and overlay virtually any parking lot, it is not always the best option. Before accepting a resurfacing project, trustworthy milling companies consider the following factors.

1. Is the foundation relatively undamaged? Unstable foundations need to be repaired before paving. If more than about 75% of the foundation is undamaged, it can still be cost-effective to have a local asphalt milling contractor make the necessary repairs before resurfacing. If the foundation damage is more extensive, it might be cheaper to reconstruct your pavement.
2. How deep does the pavement damage go? Ideally, the milling operation will remove the full depth of the pavement damage. Otherwise, the contractor will need to repair the deeper damage to prevent its pattern from transmitting to the new paving. Milling and resurfacing can still be cost-effective if the deep damage is limited in area. However, if it is widespread, you might be better off with a reconstruction.
3. Did the pavement fail prematurely? Houston parking lots with asphalt pavements can sometimes suffer severe damage long before they reach their full life expectancy. One problem that contractors see frequently is subterranean drainage issues. Unless the cause of the failure is identified and corrected, resurfaced Houston parking lots can suffer the same fate.

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