The Houston Guide for Asphalt Milling PreparationAsphalt paving contractors use a variety of machines in their work, and you have probably heard of most of them. However, you may not have heard of a milling machine. A milling machine is a piece of equipment that features rows of cutting teeth that are affixed to a rotating drum. Asphalt milling is the procedure in which a contractor uses this machine to grind a specific depth off the surface of an existing pavement. Depending on their size and features, milling machines can be used for a number of applications.

What Are Some of the Possible Uses of an Asphalt Milling Machine?

Asphalt resurfacing is the leading use of milling in Houston TX. Aging or damaged asphalt pavements can often be salvaged by using a milling machine to remove a specific depth of the existing pavement, then replacing it with new asphalt paving. However, an asphalt milling company may use its machines for other purposes.

1. Houston asphalt milling companies can install rumble strips by milling the existing pavement. Sometimes, milling contractors are asked to place rumble strips near rural intersections to ensure that approaching drivers are aware of the potential danger. At other times, a milling contractor may be asked to cut rumble strips in the shoulders of the pavement for similar reasons.
2. If an asphalt milling company has the right machine, the milling procedure can be a fast way to demolish an entire pavement. Some milling machines can also remove the pavement’s aggregate foundation.
3. Houston milling is sometimes used to restore pavements that have been damaged during an accident or fire. Many times, car fires or collisions inflict relatively superficial damage, but the surface may be potentially unsafe, especially for pedestrians. An asphalt milling service and overlay can often return the pavement to its previous safe, attractive condition.

How Should I Prepare for a Milling Procedure?

Like many other types of projects, a milling procedure requires careful planning and effective communication.

1. If you are worried about disrupting your business, discuss your concerns with the contractor who will be providing your asphalt milling service. Experienced, trustworthy Houston milling companies know ways to minimize disruptions. For example, your milling company might offer to work on holidays, weekends, or overnight.
2. Plan where you will direct your tenants, employees, or customers to park while your asphalt milling contractor is working on your project. If your Houston milling project involves your parking lot, ask your contractor about dividing your pavement into several sections. That way, your milling contractor can schedule the work so that at least one section will always be open.
3. Ask your asphalt milling company how to maintain your resurfaced pavement. Usually, contractors recommend that a resurfaced pavement receive the same maintenance as a new one. This means sealcoating it as soon as the excess oil in the asphalt has escaped, making timely repairs, and cleaning up leaked automotive fluids.

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