How Long Does It Take For Concrete To Dry?The key to having a long-lasting pavement is to match the paving material to the project. Asphalt, bricks, and pavers all have their places, but concrete is the logical choice for many types of pavements.

How Do Houston Concrete Companies Install Concrete?

The procedure can vary slightly for different types of constructions. For example, pouring a concrete foundation can be a bit different from pouring ADA ramps. However, most of the time, concrete contractors perform the following steps.

1. Clear the site to remove existing pavements, unwanted vegetation, or obsolete structures.
2. Grade the site so that the pavement will have the proper slope.
3. Construct forms to hold the mix in place until it sets.
4. Pour the concrete slab or other feature.
5. Use brooms, rakes, or other tools to create either a smooth or textured finish on the surface of the pavement.
6. Allow the mix to set sufficiently, then remove the forms.

What Is the Drying Time of Concrete?

Your concrete company will tell you that drying time should actually be referred to as curing time. Whether it is a concrete slab or a massive dam, curing is accomplished through a chemical reaction rather than just evaporation. Because the curing process never ends, your pavement will harden a little more every day throughout its entire life. The thickness of the pavement, the use to which the pavement will be subjected, the temperature, the mix type and moisture content, and the humidity can all influence the time that must elapse between pouring and opening the pavement for use. As you might expect, the more weight that the pavement will bear, the longer you will need to wait to open it to traffic. If the pour happens when the environmental factors are conducive, you can typically expect the waiting times to be approximately those listed below.

• Foot traffic can normally be allowed in 24 to 48 hours.
• Typically, a Houston concrete company will recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours before allowing passenger vehicles to drive or park on the pavement.
• For pavements that support a mixture of passenger vehicles and heavy trucks, the waiting time can be as long as seven days.
• If the pavement exclusively supports heavy construction equipment or fully loaded tractor-trailers, the wait could be anywhere from 10 to 30 days.

Are There Ways to Expedite the Curing Process?

There are a couple of methods that Houston concrete companies can use to accelerate the curing process. The first is to incorporate an accelerant in the mix; this can expedite matters, but it can affect the strength of your pavement. The second method is to cover the uncured pavement with a special blanket that increases the temperature; this method can be particularly beneficial if your pavement must be poured in cold weather.

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