How To Prepare For Houston Sealcoating And Upcoming Rain?  Sealcoating is by far the most cost-effective way to protect and beautify an asphalt pavement, but the procedure needs to be repeated every two or three years. However, sealcoating cannot be applied while rain is falling, which you probably already surmised. Instead, you are likely wondering how to prepare for rain that is predicted to fall soon after your Houston sealcoating contractor completes your application. Short of placing a massive tent over your entire pavement, there is no way to prepare for an imminent rainfall.

If Rain Falls Soon After My Houston Sealcoating Application, What Will Happen?

It depends on how much rain falls and how dry the sealcoating is when the first drops strike it. If the sealcoating is still a free-flowing liquid, a heavy rain could wash it all away. Rain falling on asphalt sealcoating that is completely dry should have no effect whatsoever. If the sealcoating is only partially dry, or if it is a light rain, the surface can appear blotchy, or the sealant could wash away in random spots.

How Long Does It Take Before Houston Sealcoating Can Withstand a Rainfall?

The drying time of sealcoating in Houston Texas can vary. Asphalt sealcoating dries by evaporating its water content, so anything that affects evaporation has an impact on the drying time. The humidity level is one of the biggest weather-related challenges a local sealcoating company faces on a typical day. High humidity levels can slow the rate of evaporation to a crawl, and the relative humidity is normally between 70% and 75% in Houston, with many mornings having humidity levels around 90%. Because the wind velocity, sunlight, and temperature also affect evaporation, a sealcoating company must also consider these factors when estimating drying time. If all of the weather conditions are ideal, sealcoating in Houston can dry in less than an hour, but two to three hours is more typical. However, it could take more than five hours for sealcoating in Houston Texas to dry. It is important to remember, especially in relation to sealcoating parking lots, that drying and curing are two different things. Sealcoating can be dry enough to withstand a rainfall long before it has cured sufficiently to allow access to vehicles. Usually, a sealcoating company will recommend that you keep vehicles off your freshly sealed pavement for at least 24 hours.

How Do Sealcoating Companies Handle Applications When Rain Is Imminent?

The simple answer is that they will not proceed with the application if they are a trustworthy, experienced company. Reputable sealcoating companies monitor the weather forecasts intently, and the job will be rescheduled if there are indications that rain will fall during or immediately after an application.

What Do Contractors Consider Ideal Conditions for Asphalt Sealcoating?

The companies that manufacture asphalt sealcoating determine what the ideal conditions are for applying their products. However, a local sealcoating company will find few days on which the conditions are ideal. Therefore, contractors have to find days on which conditions are within the manufacturer’s stated tolerances.

1. Sunlight: The ideal day would be bright, and there would not be a cloud in the sky. A light overcast may be acceptable, but the other conditions must also be within tolerances.
2. Temperature: The ideal temperature for applying asphalt sealcoating is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the manufacturer, the minimum acceptable temperature is between 50 and 55 degrees. Once the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, a sealcoating company may need to take steps to cool down the pavement to prevent flash drying.
3. Wind: The ideal wind velocity is between 3 mph and 5 mph. At wind speeds above 10 mph, it becomes more difficult to achieve an even spray, and the risk of flash drying increases, especially in warm weather.
4. Humidity: The ideal relative humidity level is anything below 50%. As previously noted, days on which the humidity level is below 50% are few and far between in the Houston area. Although the humidity level can never be too low to apply asphalt sealcoating, manufacturers strongly advise against sealcoating if the humidity level is above 90%.

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