What Is the Best Time to Plan in Houston for Asphalt Sealcoating?If you have an asphalt pavement, you are likely aware of the benefits of applying a sealcoat periodically. Sealcoats are economical products that are amazingly effective at blocking damage from the sun and vehicle fluids. They also deliver cosmetic and safety benefits. However, you may be wondering about the best time to schedule your Houston asphalt sealcoating application.

How Do Contractors Determine the Best Time for Houston Asphalt Sealcoating Applications?

Some sealcoating contractors try to adhere to the calendar when defining their asphalt sealcoating season. In Houston, pavement maintenance contractors usually give starting dates around the middle of April and closing dates around the end of October. However, the weather in Texas can be quite fickle, and the season can start much earlier and end much later in certain years. Therefore, it is really the weather that determines the best time to sealcoat an asphalt pavement.

Why Does the Weather Determine the Best Time for Houston Asphalt Sealcoating Projects?

Sealcoating are extremely weather-sensitive products. Asphalt pavement maintenance contractors apply them while they are in their liquid state. By volume, liquid sealcoats are up to 70% water, and they must exhaust this water to cure. The way that sealcoats cure is to evaporate the water they contain. This allows the particulates to knit together and form a hard protective shell. The rate of evaporation varies with the temperature, wind velocity, sunlight, and humidity level. Therefore, parking lot repair and maintenance contractors prefer to sealcoat on days when the weather favors a faster rate of evaporation. Ideal conditions would be a temperature of around 70 degrees, a humidity level below 50%, and a steady wind of 5 mph. The day would be bright and sunny, and there should be no forecast for rain the day of and the day after the application. Sealcoating contractors know that ideal conditions are rare in Houston, so they must normally settle for acceptable conditions. Acceptable conditions include a temperature of at least 50 degrees and rising and a humidity level below 90%. The wind needs to be steady at a minimum of 3 mph. The pavement needs four to six hours of exposure to direct sunlight. Under these conditions, a Houston paving contractor can sealcoat an asphalt pavement, but the curing process will require additional time. This means that your contractor may not be able to apply both coats of sealant on the same day. The chances are even slimmer that a contractor can apply two coats of sealant and stripe a parking lot in a single day.

Can You Translate This Information to Specific Months That Are Best for Asphalt Sealcoating in Houston?

Given the above information, you may notice that it is theoretically possible to sealcoat a Houston pavement during most months. Although there could occasionally be a day or two in the middle of winter with acceptable conditions, it is not practical. Typically, the most successful applications occur between the first of May and the end of October. This is not to imply that an asphalt paving company cannot successfully apply sealcoats at other times. It is simply that the stated months offer more hours of sunshine, higher temperatures, and higher average dew points.

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