By their very nature, capital improvement projects are something that should be taken seriously. After all, the alterations to your property are meant to be permanent features; at the very least, they would cause property damage if you ever needed to remove them. Capital improvements can also provide certain advantages when tax time rolls around. Due to the potential complexities and cost of a capital improvement project, you want to ensure that the Houston paving company you choose has the wherewithal to deliver superior results. The two areas you should focus on are the contractor’s qualifications and the services offered by the company.

How Do I Evaluate Whether a Houston Paving Company Is Qualified to Handle My Capital Improvement Project?

To decide whether a paving company in Houston has the right qualifications, you will need to examine the topic from multiple points of view.

1. How long has the Houston paving contractor worked in the industry? Many Houston paving companies have been started by contractors who worked for others before striking out on their own. Therefore, although you want to know how long the local paving company has been in business, you also want to know the background of the company’s key personnel.
2. What type of experience does the Houston paving company have? Does the company’s experience align with your needs? In other words, if you need a contractor to handle a large, complicated asphalt paving project, you probably do not want to hire a concrete expert who only dabbles in asphalt. Conversely, you may not want to hire an asphalt paving company with little experience in concrete work to construct a huge parking lot for 18-wheelers.
3. Has the Houston paving company or contractor earned important certifications? There are a number of different certifications that Houston paving companies could pursue. Depending on the project, some are mandatory, but others are voluntary. If you are not required to hire a local paving company with mandatory certifications, you might still want to explore the topic with potential contractors.

Why Should the Range of Services a Houston Paving Company Offers Matter When Hiring for a Capital Improvement Project?

The short answer is that capital improvement projects seldom end as soon as the paving operation is complete. Whether your pavement is asphalt paving or concrete, you will likely need additional work in the future. The more familiar your Houston paving contractor is with your pavement and its history, the smoother any future work will go. Here are some examples of additional services that you might require down the road.

1. Sealcoating can protect asphalt paving from damage, reducing the need for costly repairs and prolonging the pavement’s life.
2. Depending on the nature of your project, you may need road markings or parking lot striping.
3. Repairing significant cracks in concrete or asphalt pavements can help prevent subterranean soil erosion that can result in major damage.
4. Replacing or repairing misaligned or damaged concrete curbs, slabs, or car stops can enhance your property’s safety and appearance.

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