Seven Essential Houston Asphalt Paving Tips That Show Quality Asphalt is the most popular paving material in Houston and the rest of the state. In fact, it is the leading choice throughout North America. Asphalt’s popularity is due to a combination of factors, including its low cost, installation speed, and aesthetics. If you plan to have an asphalt pavement installed, you may be wondering how to tell whether your contractor will provide you with quality work. There are seven signs to look for, but you can divide them into three categories: what happens before the first asphalt truck rolls, what happens as soon as your Houston asphalt paving project commences, and what happens during your paving project.

Before My Houston Asphalt Paving Project Starts, What Should I Look For?

The most critical decision you will need to make is your choice of an asphalt company in Houston to handle your paving project. The odds that your new pavement will be of exceptional quality increase if your contractor does the following three things.

1. Your asphalt paving contractor pays a visit to your site. No two paving projects are identical in every detail, so asphalt paving companies must obtain an accurate picture of each site.
2. The contractor, estimator, or other asphalt company representative treats you with respect. If appointments are made, they are kept, or you are notified in advance. Your questions are answered patiently in as much detail as you desire. Your phone calls or messages are returned within a reasonable time. In short, your time is valuable, and your contractor should treat it as such.
3. Your asphalt company offers alternatives if any exist. For example, you might have resigned yourself to demolishing and rebuilding your existing parking lot, but an asphalt company in Houston can often save you a great deal of money by installing an overlay instead. Naturally, there may be times when you have only one option, but your asphalt company should be willing to consider all possibilities before making a recommendation.

What Should I Look For When My Houston Asphalt Paving Project Commences?

If you can observe your site at the time your project is scheduled to start, you should assess the following two aspects.

1. Equipment: Is the right equipment present? Does it sound healthy and look clean? The quality of your pavement could be negatively affected if the contractor does not have the right equipment ready to go as soon as the first asphalt truck arrives.
2. Personnel: Staffing can vary, but most asphalt companies send either a supervisor or project manager, experienced equipment operators, and ground crews to every job. Does everyone seem to be trained, experienced, and alert? Do they require extensive supervision, or can they begin work independently? If the contractor’s personnel immediately start to set up their equipment, unload their tools, and erect traffic control devices, they are probably highly trained and experienced.

What Are Some Signs of Quality Results That Can Be Spotted During a Houston Asphalt Paving Project?

There are numerous activities that you may be unable to identify while your asphalt paving company is installing your pavement. However, there are two things you can probably spot with ease.

1. Are crew members working in a concerted, coordinated manner? On an asphalt paving project, everyone has a role to play, but few are able to work in complete isolation. Instead, they must coordinate their tasks with those of their fellow workers.
2. What is the rolling pattern? Rollers should follow closely behind the paver to ensure adequate compaction before the asphalt cools. Furthermore, roller operators should follow a predetermined pattern to ensure even compaction and a level surface.

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