Five Mistakes You May See From A Houston Sealcoating ContractorCompared to concrete, an asphalt pavement is faster and less expensive to install. With the proper care, your new asphalt pavement should deliver many years of use. Part of that care should be the professional application of an asphalt sealant as soon as the asphalt is sufficiently cured. However, sealants are not permanent treatments, so the procedure needs to be repeated periodically. The interval between applications can vary, but the average parking lot in the Houston area typically needs to be sealed about every two years. If you are collecting multiple bids from contractors that frequently, you could easily encounter a contractor who is deceptive, incompetent, or inexperienced. Here are five signs that the Houston asphalt sealcoating contractor you are considering might not provide quality work.

Five Mistakes You May See From A Houston Sealcoating Contractor

1. Did the contractor inspect your asphalt pavement before giving you a firm quote or sending you a contract to sign?

There are numerous variables that contractors must consider when they quote a job, and many of these cannot be accurately determined without visiting the site. For example, contractors need to know how many repairs will need to be made, how much of the pavement lies in dense shade, whether the pavement will need extensive cleaning, how many sensitive areas or obstacles are involved, and whether the condition of the asphalt paving indicates the need for a primer. Based on the square footage and location of your pavement, experienced contractors can often make a rough estimate, but they will not offer a firm quote or a binding contract without first seeing the site.

2. Did the contractor tell you that sealcoating can handle the cracks in your asphalt pavement?

Never confuse asphalt sealcoating with asphalt crack sealing, which is a procedure used specifically to repair cracks. Although asphalt sealants can often hide hairline cracks, when sealants are applied over more significant cracks, they cannot close the break. Water will still be able to penetrate to all layers of the pavement.

3. How did the contractor react when you asked for references, proof of insurance, or other documentation?

Reputable paving contractors expect their customers to request proof of their competency and integrity, so they are never offended, and they usually have the information readily available. If the contractor acts indignant or angry, you should consider it a red flag. It is also a red flag if the contractor tells you that the information is only provided after customers sign a contract.

4. Did the contractor explain the entire procedure to your satisfaction?

Reputable contractors are happy to explain every step in every procedure needed for your parking lot maintenance, and they will not make you feel that you are annoying them or wasting their time. They should tell you the brand of sealcoating they will use, how they will mix it, the equipment they will use, and every other detail involved. The specifications for the brand can be found on the sealant manufacturer’s site, allowing you to verify the contractor’s mix. For best results, contractors should have a tank with a hydraulic agitator and a minimum capacity of 100 gallons. Contractors who are unwilling or unable to walk you through the steps could be trying to hide something.

5. What other services does the contractor offer?

There is a very good chance that you will need other services when you have a contractor apply an asphalt sealant. If you can find a reputable contractor who offers the other services that you need, the work will probably go faster and more smoothly, and it may also be a bit more economical. For example, you might locate a striping contractor who can also repair and sealcoat your pavement. Although there are exceptions, contractors who have expanded the services that they offer typically have the equipment they need, trained personnel, and sufficient experience to handle large or complex jobs.

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