How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design, parking lot striping houston txWhen paving contractors are hired to build a new parking lot, they do not immediately begin installing the concrete or asphalt. There are several steps that they must follow to ensure that the finished parking lot will provide the functionality that their customers need. When they are asked to create an effective parking lot design, striping contractors also follow a series of steps to determine the best layout for the customer’s specific needs.

What Steps With a Parking Lot Striping Contractor Follow?

Whether applying the first pavement striping and markings to a newly constructed lot or reapplying markings after a sealcoating job, contractors will typically follow a similar process.

How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design

1. Determine the use to which the parking lot is or will be subjected. Will it serve only passenger vehicles, or will it also support fully laden 18-wheelers? How many vehicles of each type will drive across or park on the pavement during an average week? Will there be specific days or peak times that receive a disproportionate amount of traffic? How long will vehicles likely remain parked during an average visit? The more details you can provide, the easier it will be for your Houston striping contractor to create an efficient design for your parking lot.
2. After collecting as much information as possible, the contractor will conduct a careful evaluation of the site. How many driveways connect the parking lot to adjoining pavements? Are the adjoining pavements busy city streets, neighboring parking lots, or private drives? Are the entrances and exits wide enough to support two-way traffic? What are the overall dimensions of the parking lot? Is there existing landscaping that you want to preserve, or do you plan to install medians, lights, trees, or other features?
3. A parking lot striping contractor must know the local and state codes covering access for service and emergency vehicles. Virtually all parking lots must provide access for fire trucks, which typically require a cub-to-curb turning radius of 40 feet, and tow trucks, which normally need a curb-to-curb turning radius of 47 feet when towing a car.
4. Your asphalt striping contractor must visualize how traffic should circulate throughout the parking lot. Circulation patterns include the paths that automobiles, pedestrians, and bicyclists will follow, and these patterns should be as easily discernible as possible.
5. The contractor will then calculate the number of parking spaces that will fit inside the confines of your lot. The parking angle has an impact on the total number of spaces. Angling the spaces at 90 degrees will increase the total number, but there are some drawbacks to them, including the increased difficulty drivers often encounter when trying to park in them. The angle of the parking spaces also impacts the required width of the traffic aisles, especially for one-way aisles.
6. Your contractor will determine how many accessible spaces you need, how many of these spaces must be van-accessible, and where all accessible spaces should be located. He will ensure that accessible routes comply with regulations for slope, obstacles, and potential hazards.
7. Your striping contractor will also evaluate and address other issues, including the placement and marking of crosswalks, the signage required by law or needed to enhance traffic control, and the appropriate way to designate fire lanes or other no-parking areas. He or she will also discuss the type of material you want to use for your pavement striping and marking. There are several types of paint that can be used, but an increasing number of businesses in the Houston area are choosing thermoplastic line striping and pavement markings for their parking lots. However, not every Houston striping contractor has the equipment and knowledge to apply thermoplastic markings correctly, so make sure that the contractor you choose has the required experience and the right tools.

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